Ms Fit Feature: Rachel An Liverman

Working in the beauty industry in New York City is no easy feat, but this gal makes it look oh so effortlessly chic. As the Director of Beauty Partnerships at Birchbox, Rachel is the one bringing us beauty fanatics all the best that this industry has to offer. If you’re not familiar, Birchbox is the most amazing thing to hit the beauty biz in a long time… A monthly subscription based site that delivers the newest, the coolest, the most sought-after beauty brands in today’s market. If you love trying new makeup, lotions and potions, you have to sign up for Birchbox!



Work, work and more work, staying consistent with my workouts, and my new puppy Cooper whom I am so so in love with! I never believed puppy love until now. I think my boyfriend is jealous that I make out with Cooper more than him…whoops!

I’m a Soulcycle addict. I started going almost two years ago and it continues to motivate and inspire me. I genuinely look forward to working out now and feel my confidence increase every class. As for fashion, I really don’t stray past the term I coined, “chic schlep.” My style has always been based on comfort + black/white/army green/leopard + great accessories, and I don’t really stray. This summer I’m loving these sandals paired with this caftan and fedora. Also really digging these light jeans with a broken-in knee and fringe at the ankle. Parfait! But most of all, I really just want to be in a bathing suit on the beach.

You can find this Chic Schlepper on Instagram: @Rachelista


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