Ms Fit Feature: Amy Kimball

Amy Kimball


I just finished a very busy Spring event season with weddings, private parties and non-profit fundraisers—the whole gamut! And on top of that I just launched a new product called “AK Events Party in a Box” which is currently being sold on Etsy. It’s custom-designed elements in one simple box that will help you take your party to the next level, just like you hired a professional designer—without breaking the bank. I launched the July 4th Box on Etsy but ended up selling out privately, so that was very exciting. I’m now working on the designs for the upcoming holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years Eve as well year-round boxes including birthday, dinner and cocktail parties. I’m really excited about it and am expanding my site to include retail.

I am also now prepping to start the Event Planning course I teach at Boston University at the College of Communications for Italian Exchange students from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Coure in Milan. This is my third year teaching and I absolutely love it. The students are wonderful, so committed and eager to learn and I adore being able to share my passion about design and event planning with them. I didn’t know I would love teaching so much, but a call out of the blue three years ago from Professor Steve Quigley at B.U. changed all that. I look forward to this adventure every July.


With this busy schedule my favorite fitness routines are the ones that keep me sane, I am a Bikram yoga devotee—it truly balances me, if I feel overwhelmed or stressed before going in, that all changes in 90 minutes. I joke it’s because I have to focus on just breathing to stay alive in that heat that my mind clears. I also love Pilates which after injuring my back last year has been key to strengthening and healing my body. And last but not least is my newly found obsession with golf. I wish my ability matched my absolute joy of playing… but maybe someday!
As far as fashion I love all the bright colors of summer. It was a really long winter so any opportunity to brighten it up, I am hooked. All of sudden pink has found it’s way back into my life on almost a daily basis, it’s kind of cracking me up— even if it’s just a touch with a scarf I feel like it’s such a happy color that lightens up the person wearing it as well the people around them. I also just love the maxi-skirt with flat sandals trend. It feels so laid back and there are so many fabulous colors and patterns to choose from, they look flattering, relaxed yet sophisticated on everyone, I’m only 5’3 and I still work ‘em!


If you want to keep up with me, please check me out:    Website/Blog:

Twitter: amykimballevent
Facebook: Amy Kimball Events 
Instagram: @amykimball

And if you’d like to scope out the AK Events Party in a Box on Etsy, check it out here

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