Sports Bras Take On the Streets

My thing with sports bras is very simple. They squish my boobs into a mutant uni-boob. The sports bra… Attractive? Not one bit. Practical? Only for running. Fashionable? Are you serious…? Until now.

This past season we’ve seen a whole slew of fitness clothing punching out its competitors, and taking center stage in the fashion scene. But nothing is as wildly unusual to come out of hiding, as the sports bra. Try it out as an under-cami for a low cut shirt, or as a cami under a sheer top… give that sports bra of yours a new life…take it out of hiding and onto the streets.

Check out these street style stars and how they gave their sports bras a fashionable new life…















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4 thoughts on “Sports Bras Take On the Streets

  1. I must say… I can’t get on board with this trend. I can definitely see the benefit of being prepared for your next fitness class, but it’s just plain ugly as part of a regular outfit! I also know that sports bras are way more comfortable than their evil underwire counterpart, however I don’t think this means it’s ok to go out in public with them–no one would condone wearing your pjs in public either (though rumor has it suburban folk do this on grocery trips) and lord knows we all think our pjs are comfortable too!

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