One Mother of a Juice!

If you haven’t jumped on the juice wagon yet, not to fret, because there’s a new Mother in town, and she’s parked her healthy butt right in Kendall Square. Laura Baldini and Ellen Fitzgerald, founders of Mother Juice opened the sinfully organic juice Mecca today after the overwhelming response they received from the juice food truck they operated for over a year.

Now they’re taking over the techies playground with everything from juices to smoothies to salads and even local vegan foods like popcorn and kale chips. My son Maxim and I shared The Berries smoothie (berry delicious indeed) and Jessica and her son Chase shared the Unicorn Blood juice (no unicorns were harmed in the making of the juice)… and we cannot wait to try every single thing on the menu!

Check out the menu here

We love supporting our fellow Ms Fits and all of the scary/wonderful/unknown/long-night/exciting ventures that they embark on… and it truly makes us green with envy…

So proud of Laura and Ellen! Make sure you stop in and say hello… they’re officially OPEN TODAY!

Laura Baldini

Laura Baldini

Mother Juice  Established 2014

Mother Juice Established 2014





The littlest juicer, Maxim

The littlest juicer, Maxim

Ms Fits and Laura

Ms Fits and Laura


Mother Juice

625 West Kendall Street  Cambridge MA

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