This is How We Roll….Out Pain.

I posted a quick picture about the book Melt Method, by Sue Hitzmann a few months ago but now feel that it is in need of a real blog post to do it justice.  Melt stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique. I never thought I would actually stay focused for 293 pages of a book just dedicated to a foam roller, but I sure did! And happily. I actually found this book fascinating and also truly helpful in reducing pain (and in some areas) actually resolved pain. For example,  if you are someone with shin splints.. WOW, give it a try on your shins.


The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann

The Melt Method by Sue Hitzmann


I first started noticing people using foam rollers (as a real thing) a few years ago. I thought they looked a little weird, lying there on a mat, in an odd position and just rolling on the ground. Today, it’s my obsession and no matter how odd I look, I am rolling!

After seeing people in and around the gym, I figured I give it a try. I grabbed a roller. Luckily a nice person in the gym warned me that I had grabbed the “advanced” foam roller and that if I had never tried it before, I should go with the blue softer one. Who knew?! Yes, there are different levels of foam rolling. I do recommend starting with a softer foam roller before moving on to the harder, more advanced foam roller :).

I started to roll. My own version of it. I liked it. It felt like a nice little massage. I was doing it “wrong” and for only about 3 minutes, so pretty much decided it wasn’t for me.

A year ago, I suffered a back injury. I initially thought it was an issue with my hip. But after a lot of pain and about 6 weeks of misdiagnosis, I was told I had a herniated disk, my L1 S3. It wasn’t fun.  I immediately started physical therapy  twice a week and that started to help relieve the pain. I had announced in my Barre classes that I could “teach” but had to take a break from demonstrating for a few weeks to let my back heal.  One of my barre students came to me after that class and suggested that I should try foam rolling. She highly suggested I read the book MELT before I start to really learn about the benefits of rolling, get directions on how to roll, and more interestingly, to discover how the book describes your fascia (the connective tissue that is everywhere in your body) as its own “body system.”


Melt Method

Melt Method


The book does get a little scientific and medical, though easy to follow. I got sucked into learning more and more about relieving pain, re-hydrating my muscles, rebalancing my nervous system and body, reducing inflammation, improving flexibility, resolving pain, the list goes on and on.. all the way to reducing cellulite. Oh yes, foam rolling has been said to reduce the appearance of cellulite by rehydrating the connective tissues in the back of the legs.

I am in no way connected to this book, or any foam rollers. I just have felt the improvement in the reduction of pain in my hips and lower back from being consistent about foam rolling. I also for the first time in years, felt a big reduction in pain in my shins (having had shin splints forever).   I also feel that foam rolling is that extra step in keeping the youthfulness of your body and muscles by keeping them hydrated and balanced. So if you haven’t given it a try, TRY IT!





Intermix Fall Fashion and Fitness Event

On Wednesday October 1, the first cold fall night, some 50 of the hottest women in Boston braved the rain to get their shop on for a great cause. The concept was born a few months ago when Intermix approached us with the idea of blending our focus on fitness and fashion and their collection of the most amazing fall fashions. We wanted to put a spotlight on all the talented fitness instructors that kick our butts into gear, that give us energy to run our businesses and lives and inspire us to push ourselves every day.

We were lucky enough to wrangle 10 of the city’s most sought-after fitness instructors to show off their hot bods as models for the show. Sporting everything from Rag and Bone leather skinny jeans to a sexy black lace skirt by Lover to my personal favorite, a white crop top and skirt by Nicholas, these sporty babes got to throw off their typical lycra leggings and strut around as the epitome of fitness meets fashion.


So grateful to this group of amazing fitness instructors

So grateful to this group of amazing fitness instructors


Our sincerest thank you to the following Fit and Fabulous women for donating their time and bringing so much enthusiasm and fun to this event:

Hanneke Antonelli, Pilates Instructor at Charlestown Yoga, Equinox, Fisique, and South Boston Yoga

Hanneke Antonelli, Pilates Instructor at Charlestown Yoga, Equinox, Fisique, and South Boston Yoga. Hanneke is wearing a Narciso Sweater and skirt from Lover Lace.


Maryanne Blake, Equinox

Maryanne Blake Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor specializing in Metabolic Conditioning,  Equinox. Maryanne is wearing a Yves Salmon fur vest, Narciso Rodriguez top, and Rag and Bone leather pants.


Maeve Byrne, Dance Fit Studio and The Z-Spot.

Maeve Byrne, Zumba Instructor at Dance Fit Studio and The Z-Spot. Maeve is wearing a Preen sweater, IRO shearling jacket, and Frame denim.



Lauren Hefez, Equinox

Lauren Hefez, teaches Barre, Cardio Dance, and a high energy mat class at Equinox, Lauren is wearing a Elizabeth and James dress and a Marissa Webb blazer.


Erin Lindsay, Spin Instructor at Soul Cycle

Erin Lindsay, Spin Instructor at Soul Cycle. Emily is wearing a Yves Salomon Fur vest, Marissa Webb skirt and an Autumn cashmere sweater.


Christina Lodde, Spin Instructor at Fly Wheel

Christina Lodde,  Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp and Lead  Instructor at Fly Wheel. Christina is wearing a IRO leather jacket and a Thakoon skirt.


Emily Susen, Instructor at Barry's Bootcamp, Spin Instructor at Recycle

Emily Susen, Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, Spin Instructor at Recycle. Emily is wearing a Marissa Webb top and Rag and Bone coated jeans.


Rebecca Seidenberg, certified yoga instructor

Rebecca Seidenberg, certified yoga instructor. Rebecca is wearing a Nicholas top and skirt and an INTERMIX vest.


Alisa Kapinos. Stylist. Jessica Diaz, Barre Instructor at Charlestown Yoga and Sports Club LA/Equinox.

Alisa Kapinos. Stylist. Jessica Diaz, Barre Instructor at Charlestown Yoga and Sports Club LA/Equinox. Alisa is wearing a top from Mason by Michelle Mason, and Rag and Bone jeans and hat. Jessica is wearing a Thakoon dress and Smyth Blazer.


Not only did this amazing and fit group get together because of  fashion it was also for a  great cause. A portion of the proceeds went to The American Stroke Association and Teddy’s Team. A cause very dear to our Ms Fits hearts. Last year, Jessica Diaz suffered a stroke and has since become very involved with American Stroke Association and in  helping to raise awareness about stroke, through sharing her story. Money raised from this event goes directly to fund research, education, advocacy both locally and nationally to help reduce disability and death from stroke.  We have set up a website if you were unable to come and shop and would like to donate to Tedy’s Team and the American Stroke and Heart Association.

We are truly so thankful to everyone who came to the event! We are also so thankful to those that made this event as special as it was by donating their time and talents:


Alisa Kapinos, Jessica Diaz & Intermix Store Manager. Carina Donoso.

Alisa Kapinos, Jessica Diaz & Intermix Store Manager. Carina Donoso. Thank you so much Carina for being so amazing to work  with and making this event happen!


Big thank you to BLO Salon  and our amazing "Glam Squad" Nathan Allen and Danielle for making everyone so gorgeous!

Big thank you to BLO Blow Dry Bar and our amazing “Glam Squad” Nathan Allen and Danielle Disciacca for making everyone so gorgeous!


A huge thank you to DJ RobertsSounds who Rocked the night! Check out the party’s playlist!

DJ RobertsSounds

DJ RobertsSounds


Thank you to our amazing and talented photographer Jenna Darcy. Next time we are getting you in front of the camera!



Thank you so much to  Game Plan for the healthy gift bags for our guests.




Our awesome intern, Hannah Davis

Our awesome intern, Hannah Davis



Jessica Hennessey, MsFit

Jessica Hennessey, MsFit

Vanya Burke & her sister+++++

Vanya Petrovic Burke & her sister, Sanja Petrovic Stojkovic



Intermix Fall Styles

Intermix Fall Styles


Tonya Mezrich & Alisa Kapinos

Tonya Mezrich & Alisa Kapinos

These girls are too much fun!

These girls are too much fun!


Don’t forget to hashtag #msfitforsociety on instagram to share your outfit or workout outfit of the day!


xo A&J



Rise, Shine, and Shake

Breakfast shakes are a staple for me.  I incorporated them into my diet about 2-3 years ago when I got serious about losing the weight that I had gained during my pregnancy, and I also just wanted to feel healthier.

Like most things in my life, my breakfast shake is ever evolving. The more I learn and experiment with new supplements, proteins, vitamins and flavors I like, the more I refine my recipes. The complexity of my shake is completely related to the amount of time and ingredients I can get my hands on at 6 in the morning. I have a much better day (eat less overall and don’t get that exhausted feeling mid-morning) when I find the time to have my shake before I leave for teaching my 7:00AM Barre class.



(Mixing up shakes on a rainy afternoon for some extra needed “pick-me-up”..  I still wear my white Splits59 Raquel tights past Labor Day,  paired with my totally cozy Maddison Warrior Funnel neck pullover, also Splits59 www.splits59)

I have two favorite shakes: one is a twist on my childhood favorite, a peanut butter and banana milkshake, and the other is a mixed berry. I am not a certified nutritionist, and I agree, possibly I go overboard on what’s in my shakes, but I do know, I have way more energy, feel full all morning, and know I am getting plenty of good healthy vitamins, fats, proteins and more in my breakfast. I also feel like I am covering my bases, and that this shake is my little “health insurance” policy for days I am too on-the-go to eat as healthy as I should. I also know incorporating these shakes has been a key factor in my success in reaching my weight loss goals.

These ingredients are  in all of my shakes:



1 to 1 ½ cups Almond Milk (you can substitute coconut milk or hemp milk. I personally like the unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk)

1 Scoop of Vega One Protein Powder (15g of protein powder, I like the French vanilla flavor). I like Vega because it’s plant based, soy, gluten, dairy free, and also has added greens.

1 tbsp of Maca Powder (used to increase energy, balance, vitality, and has plenty of amino acids. Also said to increase libido. It’s also supposed to increase mental energy and focus). 

½ tbsp. of Udo oil. Udo oil is filled with Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. You need good fats in your diet to lose the bad fats!

1 tsp of Cocoa Powder. Contains Fiber, Iron, and Magnesium, and antioxidants. Also is thought to be great for anti-aging and an anti-inflammatory agent. 

1 tbsp of Chia seeds or Chia Fiber. Chia has fiber, antioxidants, Omega-3s, helps with digestion, improves cardiovascular health, improve metabolic health, and has calcium. Chia seeds are also said to improve sports performance. 

½ tsp of Bee Pollen. (Do not use if you have an allergy to bees). Used as an energy enhancer, support immune system, and used to reduce and treat allergies, as well as soothes skin. 

*I recommend experimenting  and doing your own research to see if all these supplements are a good fit for you.

For the banana almond-butter shake, I add:

½ fresh or frozen banana (remember to peel before freezing)

½ tbsp. of almond butter

Option to add a few ice cubes


For the mixed berry shake, I add:

Add ½ to 1 cup frozen mixed berries

Option to add ice cubes