Ms Fit Feature: Sofia Celeste

Sofia Celeste, Fashion Journalist, Correspondent for NOWFASHION, Contributor to Women’s Wear Daily and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BACO Luxury


What is keeping you busy these days?

In addition to raising my two daughters (one 2 yrs old and the other, 4 months old), I have been really busy with the launch of – an online magazine that is dedicated to fashion’s artisans, small businesses and emerging designers, which launched today, December 17th! While I was pregnant with my daughter Vittoria, I was busier than ever with fashion shows and presentations. I was so tired, but it was a great moment in my career. After I gave birth to Vittoria, I was overwhelmed with having two small children, and in the midst of all the domestic mania, the idea to start BACO just hit me.I like to think Vittoria inspired me!

What are you loving in fitness and fashion right now? 

I love the capsule collections and collaborations between fashion and athletic wear companies, like Adidas Originals with Italia Independent. I think it is an exciting moment for fitness wear companies. E-commerce companies like Net-a-Porter are really shining a spotlight on sports wear and dance wear. Designers are really focusing on catering to women with hectic schedules and are making more looks that work for many facets of a busy woman’s lifestyle – the barre, leisure and evening.

How do we keep in touch and learn more about you? 
Twitter: SofiaCelesteIT, BACOLuxury
Instagram: FiaCeleste, BACO Luxury
Google:, BACO Luxury


We just love the imprint Sofia is making in the fashion world and think you will too! With today being the official launch date of BACO, read more about it here:

How did you get started in fashion? While I was at USC in Los Angeles, I was an intern at Footwear News in Los Angeles. After graduation in 2001, I went to Milan for an internship with Women’s Wear Daily, and after assisting on a front page cover photo shoot and attending my first fashion show, I was completely hooked. In 2007, I was hired by Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal to cover the Italian luxury and retail beat. In 2011, I left because I really wanted to write more about style, rather than the financial side of fashion. I think BACO really combines both business and style. It’s the perfect mix for me.

Tell us more about BACO and how it was born…  I have covered fashion and the Italian luxury sector for nearly a decade. The best part of my job is working on the profiles and feature pieces on the many artisans and family businesses that represent the backbone of Italy’s fashion industry. After the financial crisis, I wrote a lot about these small brands and their struggle to survive in a competitive, globalized market. The crisis really made consumers contemplate their purchases and demand more of an explanation as to where these products are made and who is making them.

It soon became evident that high-end luxury consumers are tired of the same old big brands and are really yearning for products that are even more exclusive, handmade and personalized. One day it hit me that there was really no coverage of micro yet super exclusive luxury brands. I truly think that a site like BACO represents the future of the fashion industry. It’s not just a blog. It really provides an education and an in-depth background of the brands we cover. We aren’t against the Guccis or Ferragamos out there — we are actually looking for the next Guccio Gucci and the next Salvatore Ferragamo.

BACO suppports young designers, craftsmen and family-run companies that represent the best hidden secrets of the industry. There is so much left to discover!

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