We Are the Newest Mavens in Town


Dunwello's newest Maevens:  Barre Instructor, Jessica Diaz and Stylist, Alisa Kapinos

Dunwello’s newest Mavens: Barre Instructor, Jessica Diaz and Stylist, Alisa Kapinos



One of our favorite women about town and most recent featured Ms Fit, Tonya Mezrich recently approached us with an enticing offer… to join her in her newest venture, Dunwello.com in a program that she’s triumphantly spearheading, the Maven Campaign. Mavens are hand-picked by Tonya, they are the movers and shakers of the city, highly respected Bostonians who contribute reviews of their go-to professionals in Boston.

We were thrilled when Tonya approached us about getting involved with Dunwello as their newest Mavens! We absolutely loved the concept – sharing about individuals that ROCK! This was one of our founding goals when we started Ms Fit For Society. Dunwello is making this type of information accessible to all, by allowing people to be able to search for the “best” in this city. This is awesome!

Ms Fit For Society was basically created through our joy of inspiring each other to “do life better.” What we found is that even though we were having a great time doing it together, we realized the more people we connected with, the more fun it was, and wow, did we learn a lot from everyone. Through Ms Fit For Society, we have met and worked with so many amazing people. And, the more we seek inspiration from others, the faster it seems to come. What we mean by inspiration is not just that spark that makes you want to do something new, but also the awe of meeting someone who works so hard and gets so much joy out of what they do, in perfecting what they do, and going above and beyond in helping others. What we also found is that there seems to be a common thread in these types of people; the ones that inspire, and the ones that are succeeding. It is that they all share a BIG passion for life and what they do. A passion that is contagious, that no matter what it is your interacting with them for (nails, styling, fitness, hair, etc.) they make you just have fun and walk away feeling a little happier.

There are many of these people around Boston, many whom we hope to meet and work with in the future. But for now, here is our short list of those that inspire us and are just awesome at what they do:



Nathan Alan – Blowouts and updos for Blo Blow Dry Bar

Jen Opeka – Makeup artist at Sarra

Lisa at Glitters  Nail Salon in Charlestown

Chad Schnairsohn –Personal Trainer/Kickboxing Trainer at Equinox

Alisa Kapinos  — Personal Stylist

Nikki Tedesco – Freelance hair stylist

Santosh Karmacharya – Bodywork/Massage at Om Namo Center in Cambridge.


Our go to "Glam Squad" Nathan Allen and Danielle Noel

Our go-to “Glam Squad” Nathan Allen and Dani Noel


Dani Noel – Blowouts and updos for Blo Blow Dry Bar

Ikram Guebenlian – Makeup artist for NARS

Jessica Diaz – Barre instructor

Michael Souza – Freelance Interior Decorator

Dana Markos – Floral Designer

Lola – Hairdresser for kids at Beaucage Salon

Jenna Darcy Stebbins – Freelance Photographer

DJ RobertsSounds – Freelance DJ


Dunwello is for everyone! If you have someone you have worked with or workout with that you love,  thank them by going to Dunwello and writing up a fabulous review for them! Don’t forget to go to Dunwello for more information on our amazing crew of talent or to find a professional in whatever keeps you looking and feeling your happiest!


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