A Word of Thanks and Love…

One thing that Jessica and I love doing is sending notes of love and gratitude to our favorite people. There is something to be said for that “ancient” art of note writing and sending them off with a kiss. It says so much about how important that person is to you and what’s better than getting a beautiful card in the mail? Nothing really.

Lucky for us, all this snow has trapped us in our cozy little caves and inspired us to write some notes of gratitude and love. Words are the gift you send, but the stationery, the stationery is its vessel. Our favorite is this gorgeous set of thank you cards from Paperchase and the Writing Set that we purchased at Staples.  Simple and oh so elegant!


If we haven’t inspired you yet, maybe these letters of love and thanks will…


“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” ~Jean Baptiste Massieu


To Viscountess Josephine de Beauharnais from Napoleon Bonaparte

December 1795

I awake full of you. Your image and the intoxication of last night give my senses no rest.

Sweet, incomparable Josephine, what a strange effect you have on my heart. Are you angry? Do I see you sad? Are you worried? My soul breaks with grief, and there is no rest for your lover; but how much the more when I yield to this passion that rules me and drink a burning flame from your lips and your heart? Oh! This night has shown me that your portrait is not you!

You leave at midday; in three hours I shall see you.

Meanwhile, my sweet love, a thousand kisses; but do not give me any, for they set my blood on fire.



To Valeria Arsenev from Count Leo Tolstoy

Saint Petersburg, November 2, 1856

I already love in you your beauty, but I am only beginning to love you that which is eternal and ever precious–your heart, your soul.

Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with on one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know.


To Gabrielle Chanel from Poet Pierre Reverdy, 1920’s

Dear Coco

The time that passes

The weather outside

The time that flies

Of my obscure life I had lost the trace

Here it is found again darker than the night

But what remains clear is that with all my heart I give you my love

And all that follows doesn’t matter.


Can you even take it? We’d love to give you our favorite set of stationery to help with your love notes!

Go on our INSTAGRAM and tag someone you are grateful for on our STATIONERY PIC and get entered to win Ms Fits’ favorite stationery. It’s that easy!

Thank you to you, our faithful followers for loving what we do…. 

With Love,


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