Ms Fit Feature on the Co-Founders of SOAK

We are excited to introduce you to a new company, Soak,  and its fabulous and fashionable co-founders. The first thing we thought of when we learned about this new product was, oh yeah, this is what I have been missing in my wardrobe, for about, EVER! A shoe that is practical enough to be worn everywhere- land, sea and sandbox, and chic enough to not ruin your well-thought out outfit. This is stylish-comfort-wear that takes you from point A to point B, without having to wear your  six inch heels any longer than need be (oh yes, you can slide these babies right in your clutch). And, just think how much money you can save on those 4 block Uber rides that you would just walk if you weren’t wearing those heels!! We like the endless possibilities of sparing our feet in Soak, but also because we love the design that has that make-your-feet-look-pretty shape…Meet Soak:


Micehlelle Vale & Elena Corsano of Soak

Michelle Vale & Elena Corsano of Soak


Meet the Co-Founders of Soak, Michelle Vale and Elena Corsano… Also known Michelena 😉

What is keeping you busy these days?

Campaigning for Kickstarter… We launched 13 days ago and it’s like a full on election!  Every day connecting with our base… socially conscious, fashionable women who are in the know and on the go!
We are also moms so we can’t negate our second job… running to hockey, gymanstics, soccer and don’t forget those dreaded birthday parties… hehe
What are you loving in fitness and fashion right now?
For fitness: Elena loves Barre class at Physique 57… Michelle is a little more hardcore and prefers to get in the ring… boxing or nothing for me. For spring fashion, Elena has all things denim on the brain… For Michelle she is dreaming of army green Soaks..and anything to go with them… Unfortunately, she will have to wait as those won’t ship until resort!  Boo hoo!

How can we keep in touch with you?
Learn more about Soak and our Kickstarter Campaign here!
About Soak:
 soak image

We were tired of schlepping around in our finest wears, with rubber flip flops that totally kill the look and quite frankly, are bad for your feet. We want a little lift, some arch support and something chic enough to wear to and from work, around town and heck, even after the Met Gala! We needed something to just slip on and go.  Let’s face it, after a few hours in heels, we walk a little less confident.  There is nothing sophisticated about suffering.  The world takes notice of a woman in pain from her tortured stilettos.

After months of waking up in the am, dreaming we could open our closets and pull out  a favorite slide… we turned to each other one day and said… let’s create it! We need this item in our wardrobe!  And so, Soak was born!  A shoe that has it all… comfort and style, vegan, eco-friendly and socially responsible. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Michelle had just finished producing the documentary she had been working on “Make it in America.”

What came out of the film was that most Americans can’t afford American made because the price points are just too high. I was already pondering how to create a product, in America, that could be produced at high volume at a price that was affordable. We felt passionate about keeping production here in the US and researched for weeks until we came across a factory in Maine.

At present, all styles will be designed in New York and crafted in Kennebunk, Maine. New York is a place we adore but the chaos of city life beckons a retreat to nature… Maine soothes our soul.  We live for our down time in Maine. Portland with its art/food scene, and posh boutique shopping and Kennebunkport where many former Presidents choose to play. Our factory resides between these two wonderlands.

 We are ecstatic to have our hands involved in a project that will reinvigorate a once thriving shoe business. Serendipitously, the ball started moving fast and as chance would have it, we were introduced by a colleague to Elaine Sugimura, former president of Havaianas. Elaine immediately validated the need for this shoe in the market. Within weeks she signed onto the board and is now serving as an advisor. And that’s the story of SOAK…

soak s
We are so excited about this amazing new brand and hope you will be too.. Check out their Kickstarter campaign because your feet will thank you!

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