New Ms Fit Feature: April Soderstrom


Jewelry Designer, April Soderstrom

Jewelry Designer, April Soderstrom

We’ve known April for quite a while now and have featured and written about her gorgeous jewelry on the blog, but we cannot believe it’s taken us this long to have April as one of our Ms Fit Features! We are so honored that this hard working, beautiful, stylish and oh-so fit and fabulous gal is our newest Ms Fit. We hope you love getting to know her just as much as we have…


Keeping me busy…(muahhahhhh – insert evil laugh here)

I’ve added some really great staple pieces for fall to my collection that I’m really geeked about. The new Layer Up necklaces are a line of high end gold necklaces that all work really well together so the idea is to purchase a few different styles and wear them together or separately as you see fit.  Since I use the same type of chain in all the designs you can Layer Up the different necklaces and the end result will always be a cohesive, high end look – without the guesswork.


April's New Swarovski crystal pendant. Every one is hand made and one of a kind so it's a surprise what you're getting!

April’s New Layer Up On Point  Swarovski crystal pendant.  April says “Every one is hand made and one of a kind so it’s a surprise what you’re getting”!


It’s pageant season!!!  I sponsor a handful of Miss USA states including Miss Massachusetts and Miss California and their state pageants are all coming up this fall and winter.  This means I get lots of inquiries for custom evening gown jewelry which is such a fun part of my business and something I really love because I get to work one on one with so many women across the country.


Miss California USA wearing April's earrings at Miss USA. April is a sponsor of California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Miss USA state pageants.

Miss California USA wearing April’s earrings at Miss USA. April is a sponsor of California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Miss USA state pageants.


I’m gearing up for a press trip to New York at the end of September with my PR Agent, Lacey Wilson Bates of LWBPR.  We haven’t done a big trip like this in a couple of years and I’m really looking forward to showing off my newest pieces to some of the movers and shakers in the accessory world.  Right now we’re coordinating meetings with magazines, fashion editors, and setting up dinners and drinks in between so it’s going to be quite the trip!


April looking gorgeous in her "Arm Party" bracelet separates that she just launched

April looking gorgeous in her “Arm Party” bracelet separates that she just launched



Fashion –  I’m probably a little late to the game on this one, but I’ve finally really bought in to the jeans that are a bit more high waisted.  I have a few pairs of the Madewell – High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans and overall I feel like they make me look leggier and taller…win, win!  Add in some suede booties and a leather jacket and I’m ready for fall.

Health/Fitness –  I’m going to head in an odd direction for this one, but hang with me!  One of the best health changes I made in the last year is that I started doing some “sleep training.”  The overall goal is to fall asleep right away and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Isn’t that what we all want?!  Rule number one is painful, but a game changer.  Instead of having my phone plugged in on my nightstand I always leave it outside my bedroom… weekends too.  Eeeeek!  When the alarm goes off in the morning I have to get out of bed and leave the room to turn it off.  This keeps me from laying in bed at night or in the morning reading emails and/or scrolling through Instagram. Combine that with a few other sleep training techniques and my mornings are more productive, faster, and overall feel just a little lighter!


Featherweight Earrings. 14k Gold filled, incredibly lightweight and perfectly stylish!

April’s Featherweight Earrings are 14k Gold filled, incredibly lightweight and perfectly stylish!


I’ve always made jewelry for myself and friends as a hobby but had never really thought about it as a business.  While I was competing for Miss USA I met one of my best friends and now PR agent, Lacey Wilson.  A couple years after we met, she started her own accessories PR firm and gave me some friendly pressure to start taking my hobby to the next level. Cut to a few years later and my business has grown really organically from there.  In the beginning, I was worried I’d squash my love for the art of jewelry making by trying to profit from it, but so far it’s been the complete opposite.  There’s something really rewarding in creating a piece of art and having someone like it so much they’re willing to physically wear it.  Hearing someone tell me they wear a piece of my jewelry every day or it’s one of their favorite pieces just adds fuel to the creative fire and makes me excited to get to work.



@aprilsoderstrom – Instagram and Twitter – Facebook


Two of April's designs in the Layer Up Collection - The Tex Duo and Geo Duo

Two of April’s designs in the Layer Up Collection – The Tex Duo and Geo Duo.

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