The Faces of Fashion with the Good Ones

Last night, Jessica and I had the privilege of joining a truly celebrated crew of people who were chosen as the Good One’s Fashion, Business and Marketing Icons. The ladies of the Good Ones, featured Jessica and myself as their Faces of Fashion and we were over the moon about it!

The event was a huge success where everyone was required to wear black, white or red, which was a really fun theme for a really fun collection of talented, smart, creative and philanthropic people. Jessica and I really admire the girls of the Good Ones, Carolyn Kim and Jennifer Brooke who founded this company in 2012 as a way of connecting people of varying professions and interests through hosting one of a kind events throughout Boston. What an amazing and truly dying art of connecting people, in person, to share ideas and talents and perhaps even making a new friend all the while!

The gals of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke, Carolyn Kim and the Ms Fits

The gals of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke, Carolyn Kim and the Ms Fits


Here are just a few of the featured people that we had the privilege of getting to know… and a little bit about Jessica and myself if you aren’t already familiar…


Lauren Creedon

Lauren Creedon, Director of Partnerships at Fancred

Lauren builds partnerships between large brands and startup innovators. As Director of Partnerships at Fancred, the first live streaming app for sports fans, Lauren works with professional sports teams, leagues, and influencers who are leading digital media strategies. Fancred was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies. Lauren believes that innovative media businesses are built on strong partnerships and engaged communities. She is fascinated by the sports world and the opportunity that still exists to engage passionate fans. She is also a trained studio artist, obsessed with street & contemporary art. Find her at live music events and traveling to new cities as often as she can.



Lori Kyle Christensen, fashionista and entertainment reporter

Lori Kyle Christensen, fashionista and entertainment reporter

Lori is the creator and designer of Boston-based couture clothing label Venni Caprice Clothing, and the co-owner of the lifestyle brand Zero Fox Life with Kayla Harrity

She is an entertainment reporter for Dirty Water TV, a show that airs on NESN in New England. Lori also sings and plays a mean tambourine in the band Dick, Nick & Chick Justice at Venus around Boston.


Cort Davis, Mentor

Cort Davis, Mentor

Cort gives his time to mentor early stage companies out of Northeastern’s IDEA program as well as Mass Challenge. He is also a guest lecturer at Northeastern for senior entrepreneurial capstone students. This helps him keep a pulse on the industry while constantly learning new, inexpensive growth hacks to help early stage companies with little-tono funding.


Jessica Diaz, Co-Founder Ms Fit For Society

Jessica Diaz, (left) Co-Founder Ms Fit For Society


Jessica is a mom of two, Barre instructor, co-founder of Ms Fit For Society, and spokesperson for The American Stroke and Heart Association. Jessica is teaching Barre at Equinox and at Asana in Charlestown. Jessica is also in the process of becoming a Health Coach to better help her clients with nutrition, to offer a more rounded wellness approach to being healthy. Her role with the Stroke Association encourages her to help educate people of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica fell in love with the Barre twice in her life. Once in 2004, when she was first introduced to it while living in San Francisco, and again after having her second baby. What she loved most is that Barre class is toning, effective, and fun. She loved how much personal attention she received, while still enjoying a group exercising setting.

She was amazed at how just a few hours of Barre class a week had completely changed her body. Not only physically, but also giving her so much more energy. As a new mom, she needed that energy and she also loved that the hour class was a full body workout and helped her get back into her pre-baby shape. Jessica loved that the Barre classes allowed people to work at their own pace, using their own resistance and be challenging, yet safe enough for any fitness level.

After eight years of taking Barre classes, She knew that Barre would always be a part of her life and decided to begin teaching. Jessica became BarSculpt licensed in 2012. “ As a Barre teacher, I hope to bring the fun, challenge, and change, that this class has brought into my life”.


Alisa Kapinos, Co-founder, Ms Fit For Society

Alisa Kapinos, Co-founder, Ms Fit For Society

Alisa has been lucky enough to spend the last 10 years of her life working as a wardrobe stylist first on editorial shoots for magazines and commercials, meeting world renowned models and photographers, and then turning her focus on personal styling where she has witnessed some unbelievable closets, the good, the bad and the over-the-top. Since having her two sons, Alisa has also begun styling kids. As a mom, she realized how much moms really do invest in their kid’s clothes for fun, for sport, or whatever their daughters are telling them is trending that week, and how little time moms have to run a household, keep up a social calendar, take care of the kids, never mind have the time to keep up with their fashion demands. Alisa is also the co-founder of her two year old fitness/fashion blog Ms Fit for Society, a blog on everything fitness and fashion with a twist on everything else that’s keeping the Ms Fit’s lives on the go. “I think the goal in life is to be happy, and if I can focus my energy on the things that make me insanely happy, then I know I’ll be a better mom, wife and friend, all with a big smile on my face.”


Kornielia Kis, Consultant

Kornielia Kis, Consultant

Born in a small town in the heart of Hungary during the Communist Era, Koni Kis barely imagined that she would pursue an international career with one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, The Boston Consulting Group. Holding a Masters in Economic Sciences and an Executive MBA in Leadership, Koni studied and worked the last 15 years in Germany, Austria, India and Hungary, acquiring international experience and solving complex corporate challenges for clients and BCG. She moved to Boston in 2014 and is leading the firm’s global marketing analytics team. She enjoys working with cutting edge technologies and exploring beyond the obvious with the solutions her team provides for the company.


Ruta Laukien, founder of Liquid Art House

Ruta Laukien, Founder of Liquid Art House

What began as a planned summer trip to visit relatives in the United States would become a serenditipitous start to Ruta’s American dream. At age 17, the Lithuanian native would seek temporary asylum to pursue an education, as the Russian army invaded her homeland. The meandering journey, from Worcester to Jacksonville to New York City, would ultimately see a J.D./M.B.A. from Duke University – a detour that led to a flourishing career as an Investment Banker on Wall Street.

Today, the mother of two and Back Bay resident is the trailblazing founder of Liquid Art House, the first gallery/restaurant hybrid to hit the hub. Her vision for “LAH,” which began back in law school as a Lithuanian-style Tea House, would sit with her for fifteen years. After the implosion of employer Bear Stearns, her idea regained steam until crystalling into an “art hospitality” restaurant concept. A lover of food, art, wine and travel, Laukien decided to combine all her passions under one roof. The 2011 Mass Challenge alum (her idea made it to 2nd round) would eventually bootstrap her startup, which opened in May 2014, in the landmark building, The Arlington.


Kristin Steiberg relationship expert

Kristin Steinberg, Relationship Expert

Kristine is a relationship expert focused on advancing and transforming corporate and entertainment work environments. Through cutting edge systems, coaching techniques and deep business experience, Kristine creates forums that illuminate her clients’ goals, ignites their potential, helps them face fears and moves them to action. Her passion is increasing cohesion, health and positivity in the workplace. Kristine has worked with leaders and teams in organizations such at Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, TED, Harvard University, DreamWorks, Microsoft, Chanel, Edelman Public Relations, Heineken and The Home Depot.


Ryan Wittag, Philanthopist

Ryan Wittag, Philanthopist

Ryan is currently on a quest to sell 100 pies before Thanksgiving on behalf of Community Servings, an organization which delivers delicious, medically catered meals to individuals who are home-bound with an acute, life-threatening illness. Community Servings has achieved the highest designation (4 stars) from Charity Navigator. Each pie sold allows CS to deliver one week of meals to a client.


For more information about how to connect with the Good Ones, check out their Facebook page, the Good Ones. A huge thank you for including us in your fun Carolyn and Jennifer!


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