New Ms Fit Feature: Christina Kotseas of Kotseas Concierge

As we approach a new year, we thought that sharing our fondness for our newest Ms Fit, and her totally unique company would make for the perfect feature. I know we have so many new year’s resolutions, so many things we think we’ll definitely get to once a new page is turned and honestly, I think when we actually get there, we think to ourselves, how in the world did I think I could pull all of this off? Enter Christina Kotseas and her business, Kotseas Concierge. Sometimes a little help with even the smallest things is what we might need to help us get through the day, and that’s exactly what they do… need help with party planning or organizing a family trip, anything? They’ll be right there to get it all done for you so you can focus on everything else.

Let’s see what’s keeping founder, Christina Kotseas busy these days…

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Holiday organization! I have been gearing up to prepare all of my clients for their holiday celebrations. We are gift shopping, gift wrapping, finalizing home decor, sending out holiday cards, planning cocktail parties, and getting organized for any winter travel.

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I’ve recently become a fan of ClassPass and am milking that $119 per month for all it’s worth! I am the Maid of Honor in my sister’s New Year’s Eve wedding this year so am trying to be diligent with my workouts. Having a strong inventory of cute workout clothing like the Lulu lighten up bras help to keep my fitness game on point. I am wishing I had one for each day of the month! I love to wear them with open backed tops to show off all of their fabulous color options.

Tell us about your business, how you got started? Is this a service for everyone?
My business essentially started after I decided that my background as an executive assistant, nanny, yacht stewardess, and Red Sox event planner should really be combined into one role. As a personal assistant and concierge for many bustling Boston households, I​’​m able to apply my experience gained in each of these unique roles to my everyday work. This ​is​ definitely ​a service ​​for​ everyone! Any busy mom, household, executive, ​student, ​etc. can benefit from a few extra hours in their week, right? We can bill hourly if only a short amount of time is needed, or clients can purchase a package for 20, 30, 40 hours and use the time over the course of six months. This way, there is no stress to come up with projects day to day. People love to utilize the hours at their leisure, when it is most convenient for them. ​We’re now offering​ gift certificate​s​ for those hard-to-shop-for family members and friends!

​You can visit us on our website or Facebook.

You can also email me directly at


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