Our Little Tip for Keeping our Energy and Motivation Up: Crystals




Happy New Year Ms Fits!  We wanted to share our unique tip to help keep you motivated toward reaching your New Year goals….Crystals. Crystals have been used throughout history for their healing and energy capabilities and were considered sacred in many ancient civilizations. It would take the span of many books to cover crystals, the hundreds of different types, and their many uses, roles in traditions and rituals, place in healing and meditations, history, and the many different beliefs that surround their “powers,” so for simplicity I am just going to share a few of my favorites types (specifically the ones that just may help support new goals for 2016).  Wearing or carrying crystals is a very simple tool for adding a little positive boost to your energy and motivation!
I have had quite a few impactful experiences with crystals and now they are always around me. In the years since incorporating them into my life, I seem to continually meet many new “crystal people” and healers, and it is so fascinating what I have learned from them, specifically how differently people’s reactions can be to different stones. For example, some people will feel a heat, others will feel a coolness, vibrations, exaggerated heaviness, etc.. I even met a woman from New Zealand whose crystals shattered after they were done “doing their job” of removing negative energies. Many healers claim the crystals choose you, not the other way around. There is even a crystal for increasing fertility, like the chrysanthemum crystal (I have given this one to so many of my friends trying to get pregnant. Warning: So far, all have had babies).  I have also heard this many times, crystals seem to have a way of disappearing or moving on to other people that need them.


Crysanthemum Cyrstal

Crysanthemum Cyrstal

I know this might sound a little odd or new age to some, but crystals are simply known to have higher vibrations that work to boost energy, heal, increase spiritual connectedness, and help release negativity. My house is covered in them, I wear them a lot, I always seem to have a few on me.  I also have a crystal essence that was made for me by a dear friend that I spray everywhere. I use them in hopes to surround my family with positivity and create a space in my home with a healing “pure” energy. You can easily create this by placing quartz crystals in the four farthest points in your home (creating a energy parameter).

There are hundreds of crystals, but here are just a few for healing, to boost energy, motivation, and help release negative energy:

Carnelian Stone

Carnelian Stone

Carnelian Stone –  This is a power and motivation stone. Increase physical energy, ambition, and drive.  Said to bring a surge of life force and boost creative energies.  Supports courage, strength, vitality, increases enthusiasm. Helps to awaken one’s talents and aids in moving forward on a new path. The carnelian stone is considered a career stone and great to carry on you during interviews. Also protects against negative energies.


Golden Apatite

Golden Apatite

Golden Apatite – Increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. The yellow Apatite crystal is used for mental clarity, improved will power. Also said to increase creativity, confidence, aids in manifestation of one’s dreams, and even used to stimulate the metabolism for weight loss.



Red Jasper – Increase physical energy, vibrancy, and vitality. Said to enhance strength and energy and useful in generating muscle tissue, can enhance the effects of exercise. Overtime, Red Jasper can increase the amount of Chi, or energy force, in one’s energetic field.


Sun Stone

Sun Stone

Sun Stone – This is another energizing stone, stimulating leadership and will. It carries the light and happy energy of the Sun. Physically said to increase metabolism, digestions, and vitality. Sun stone can kindle the fire of leadership within those who carry or wear it. It is also a very healing stone of personal power, strength, and to bring in blessings.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Quartz (clear) – Amplification of one’s intentions, used for healing, cleansing, clearing of negative energies. Can assist in any type of healing, and generating prosperity. Also used to amplify the energies of other stones.


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