After a pretty hectic day today, I finally got home, I looked at my kitchen island and sitting there were freshly cut roses that I had just bought, and I just smiled… like a really insanely huge smile.  That got me thinking, with everything we have going on in our lives, with kids, with work, with family and all that other stuff in between, sometimes, it’s just the simplest things that can make us smile and be happy. Don’t you think?

Here are my Three Simple Things…


Fresh cut garden roses~ Nothing beats the elegant look and smell of garden roses. They’re not always the easiest rose to find, but when I do, I buy about 3 bouquets because I just can’t get enough. Their aroma fills up the entire kitchen and reminds me of my rose bushes in the summertime. Ahhh, summer!

Lemons~ Yes, lemons make me happy. Their smell and their bright color make me think of summer too. And maybe one day I’ll have a lemon grove so I can pick my own for my morning lemon water and lemon yogurt cake. Yummmm…

Red Lipstick~ I can’t get enough of red lips. Just something about this color makes the rest of my mediocre makeup job look that much better and it matches with everything I wear. The one I’m loving now is Nars, Annabella.

              When it’s the simple things make you happy, it’s that much simpler to be happy.

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