In their BAGS: Fashion Designer, Daniela Corte

We’ve been trying to keep up with the ever fabulous fashion designer, Daniela Corte since the start of our blog. This fashion designer, mama, wife, fitness junkie, jet setter and health nut surely has a lot she packs into her day (starting at 5:00am for a work out), and surely has a lot she packs into her bag to run to work, a girl’s dinner or to NYC to meet her fave, Kelly Ripa.

We couldn’t wait to dig into her confection of a bag to see what goodies were stowed away…



How delicious is this Fendi bag? Drooling!


Daniela’s favorite key chain, a bear, a little reminder of her kids because she calls them “bear.” Her favorite lip balm with the most kissable case. The eye is a compact mirror, how cool? Fresh Sugar lip balm. Sisley lip gloss. Chanel shadow. Daniela Corte yellow cuff.

Just wait until we get into her gym bag…

Christie Melene Kent’s THREE SIMPLE THINGS:

THree t

 Jewelry designer, Christie Melene Kent, shares her Three Simple Things that add a little joy to her day:


Candles- I start every morning lighting one, taking a moment for myself before my mind and surroundings become filled with chaos.  Meditation can be difficult at first, even intimidating.  Lighting a candle is a centering, calming practice.  The best days are those when I’m the first to rise and catch the sunrise simultaneously. 
Green Juice- It makes me especially happy when someone else whips them up or cleans the juicer.  However, I’m willing to wash & chop to get some of the green goodness my body craves.  Nothing beats the blend of jalepeno, lemon, ginger, romaine, cilantro, celery and pear.
Books- Yes, the good old paper ones. There’s no better way to bring closure to your day, no matter what has crossed your path.  Even if time is limited, a short dose of positivity will suffice.  Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein & A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson offer passages anyone can make time for.  Keep them on your bedside table, as a constant reminder. 


After a pretty hectic day today, I finally got home, I looked at my kitchen island and sitting there were freshly cut roses that I had just bought, and I just smiled… like a really insanely huge smile.  That got me thinking, with everything we have going on in our lives, with kids, with work, with family and all that other stuff in between, sometimes, it’s just the simplest things that can make us smile and be happy. Don’t you think?

Here are my Three Simple Things…


Fresh cut garden roses~ Nothing beats the elegant look and smell of garden roses. They’re not always the easiest rose to find, but when I do, I buy about 3 bouquets because I just can’t get enough. Their aroma fills up the entire kitchen and reminds me of my rose bushes in the summertime. Ahhh, summer!

Lemons~ Yes, lemons make me happy. Their smell and their bright color make me think of summer too. And maybe one day I’ll have a lemon grove so I can pick my own for my morning lemon water and lemon yogurt cake. Yummmm…

Red Lipstick~ I can’t get enough of red lips. Just something about this color makes the rest of my mediocre makeup job look that much better and it matches with everything I wear. The one I’m loving now is Nars, Annabella.

              When it’s the simple things make you happy, it’s that much simpler to be happy.

Follow-up on Crystals How to Program them!

The Power Of A Talisman

As a follow-up to our last post, I wanted to share this great how-to on programming your crystal  by Monte Farber and Amy Zerne:

Crystals can receive and hold your intentions. This is called “programming.” The term is used because the process is similar to computer programming: Intentions are energy thought forms like visions, wishes, hopes and affirmations, powered by practice and belief.

The first step is to choose a clear intention, such as feeling peaceful, creating abundance or attracting more love into your life. Focus on the purpose of your wish and the end result you would like. Place the crystal against your brow, between your eyes. (This is where your powerful and intuitive third eye is located.) Close your eyes and go inside the crystal to create a personal thought form. Visualize the end result in your third eye. See it, say it and feel it to make it real.

See the colors, hear the sounds and experience the emotions of your wish. When it feels real, breathe the vision into your crystal, then open your eyes. The vision vibration will be stored in the crystal until it is purposefully cleared out.

Here are specific instructions for the best results to program a crystal.

Step One: Sit down with your crystal in a place where you’re not likely to be disturbed. Get comfortable.

Step Two: Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (right hand if right-handed, for example) and clear your mind of anxious thoughts. Breathe deeply and slowly. Start to focus on your intention for the programming of your crystal.

Step Three: Focus by repeating a mantra of descriptive words aloud. For instance, if you want to program your crystal to bring focus for an important project, repeat the words, “I need more focus for this project,” over and over again. A whisper is fine, or you can repeat your mantra in your mind’s eye.

Step Four: Repeat your intention as you place your other hand over your crystal to lock the vibrations in.

Step Five: Continue to repeat your intention while holding the crystal cupped in both hands, and until it feels as though the crystal has accepted the programming fully.

Step Six: Open your hands and thank the crystal. To access the programming, simply hold and rub the crystal and ask for its programming to be released whenever you need, or until you clear the crystal for your next intention.

Our Little Tip for Keeping our Energy and Motivation Up: Crystals




Happy New Year Ms Fits!  We wanted to share our unique tip to help keep you motivated toward reaching your New Year goals….Crystals. Crystals have been used throughout history for their healing and energy capabilities and were considered sacred in many ancient civilizations. It would take the span of many books to cover crystals, the hundreds of different types, and their many uses, roles in traditions and rituals, place in healing and meditations, history, and the many different beliefs that surround their “powers,” so for simplicity I am just going to share a few of my favorites types (specifically the ones that just may help support new goals for 2016).  Wearing or carrying crystals is a very simple tool for adding a little positive boost to your energy and motivation!
I have had quite a few impactful experiences with crystals and now they are always around me. In the years since incorporating them into my life, I seem to continually meet many new “crystal people” and healers, and it is so fascinating what I have learned from them, specifically how differently people’s reactions can be to different stones. For example, some people will feel a heat, others will feel a coolness, vibrations, exaggerated heaviness, etc.. I even met a woman from New Zealand whose crystals shattered after they were done “doing their job” of removing negative energies. Many healers claim the crystals choose you, not the other way around. There is even a crystal for increasing fertility, like the chrysanthemum crystal (I have given this one to so many of my friends trying to get pregnant. Warning: So far, all have had babies).  I have also heard this many times, crystals seem to have a way of disappearing or moving on to other people that need them.


Crysanthemum Cyrstal

Crysanthemum Cyrstal

I know this might sound a little odd or new age to some, but crystals are simply known to have higher vibrations that work to boost energy, heal, increase spiritual connectedness, and help release negativity. My house is covered in them, I wear them a lot, I always seem to have a few on me.  I also have a crystal essence that was made for me by a dear friend that I spray everywhere. I use them in hopes to surround my family with positivity and create a space in my home with a healing “pure” energy. You can easily create this by placing quartz crystals in the four farthest points in your home (creating a energy parameter).

There are hundreds of crystals, but here are just a few for healing, to boost energy, motivation, and help release negative energy:

Carnelian Stone

Carnelian Stone

Carnelian Stone –  This is a power and motivation stone. Increase physical energy, ambition, and drive.  Said to bring a surge of life force and boost creative energies.  Supports courage, strength, vitality, increases enthusiasm. Helps to awaken one’s talents and aids in moving forward on a new path. The carnelian stone is considered a career stone and great to carry on you during interviews. Also protects against negative energies.


Golden Apatite

Golden Apatite

Golden Apatite – Increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. The yellow Apatite crystal is used for mental clarity, improved will power. Also said to increase creativity, confidence, aids in manifestation of one’s dreams, and even used to stimulate the metabolism for weight loss.



Red Jasper – Increase physical energy, vibrancy, and vitality. Said to enhance strength and energy and useful in generating muscle tissue, can enhance the effects of exercise. Overtime, Red Jasper can increase the amount of Chi, or energy force, in one’s energetic field.


Sun Stone

Sun Stone

Sun Stone – This is another energizing stone, stimulating leadership and will. It carries the light and happy energy of the Sun. Physically said to increase metabolism, digestions, and vitality. Sun stone can kindle the fire of leadership within those who carry or wear it. It is also a very healing stone of personal power, strength, and to bring in blessings.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Quartz (clear) – Amplification of one’s intentions, used for healing, cleansing, clearing of negative energies. Can assist in any type of healing, and generating prosperity. Also used to amplify the energies of other stones.


Welcoming in Fit-Fashion 2016!

We are going to go ahead and guess what is on the top 5 of your 2016 resolution list… get in shape, get to the gym more (or start), try new workouts, be healthier, eat better, more time for yourself… maybe just to name a few.

So, If we guessed right, we wanted to give you a little help in getting to your goals! We know what works to get’s us motivated, a great outfit, must have accessories, and some awesome music of course! So here are some of the hottest looks in Fit-Fashion and a Best of 2015 playlist to get you going:




Spiritual Gangster Mini Elephant Sweater Knit Pullover

Spiritual Gangster Mini Elephant Sweater Knit Pullover




Derek Lam and Atheleta

Derek Lam and Atheleta Block Avenue Tank.



Live The Process Stretch-Supplex Bodysuit

Live The Process Stretch-Supplex Bodysuit


Reebok Dance Sequin Tight

Reebok Dance Sequin Tight



Michi NY Quaser Navy Legging

Michi NY Quaser Navy Legging


gwyneth Statement Tank

gwyneth Statement Tank


Fabletics Verbena Capri

Fabletics Verbena Capri


Reebok All Over Print Legging

Reebok All Over Print Legging

Fabletics Arta Long Sleeve Top

Fabletics Arta Long Sleeve Top

Uma Gorgeous For Good Wellness Oil

Uma Gorgeous For Good Wellness Oil



Calia By Carrie Underwood Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Calia By Carrie Underwood Fruit Infusion Water Bottle



Here is the Best of 2015 Playlist on Spotify!


Happy New Year to all of our Ms Fits. Our biggest thanks to all of the amazing support we received in 2015

xo A&J

All That Sparkle

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and Jessica and I cannot wait to put our best foot forward (into the new year), embrace it with open arms (with plenty of arm candy) and make it sparkle (with the shiniest jewels we can find).

What I love about this time of year is the opulence of winter style: the furs, the rich fabrics and the excuse to wear bigger and shinier jewelry. If it were up to me, I’d wear the biggest and the boldest all year round, but saving it for just this time of year makes it that much more special.

Check out some of the shiniest, most unique and affordable jewels that I found in my search for sparkle…



New Ms Fit Feature: Molly Powers

Molly Powers, Reiki Instructor, Medium, Yoga Instructor

Molly Powers, owner of Powers of Healing, Reiki Healer, Medium, Yoga Instructor

 When Alisa and I talked about what feature we wanted to do before the New Year we both decided on doing this special one on Molly Powers. Molly is a healer and has helped Alisa and I both in different ways in the past few years. The timing of this feature is not only perfect because we’re approaching resolution time, the time we tend to look for new things and ways to make our new year healthier and happier, ( Molly is definitely one to add to your list) and also perfect, because my son turned five a few days ago and it was because I was pregnant with him that I started seeing Molly. I am beyond grateful to her for her healing over the past six years. When I started seeing her, I never imagined that I would post about such a personal experience, but I know, and hope, it will help others looking for  ways to find healing and balance in their lives.
The first time I saw Molly, I was about 7 weeks pregnant with my son, and suffering from serious anxiety. An anxiety so bad, I couldn’t sleep, and all I could do was worry about whether I was going to have another miscarriage. I think I was to the point of feeling like my worry and stress were going to be harmful to the baby. A few months before getting pregnant with my son, I had a miscarriage in my second trimester. I was devastated and shocked. Shocked not only because I already had a healthy two year old, and it never occurred to me that I could have a miscarriage, and certainly not that far long in my pregnancy, but also because up until that point, my thoughts on miscarriage were that “oh, it’s common, happens to everyone, just a part of life.” When it happened to me I was beyond shocked at how hard it was to accept, I was heartbroken, mad, and blamed myself for causing it somehow.  I knew I had to deal with my current anxiety in my new pregnancy and didn’t want to take medications while I was pregnant, so I went to see Molly.
From the first moment I met her I felt a senses of healing and calmness. I saw her every week during my first trimester and she helped me so much with all of my feelings of worry, and helped me sleep again. In the past six years she has been such a big part of my being able to heal in a lot a ways (ways I didn’t even know I needed) and has helped me deal with some of the most challenging times I have yet experienced in life. Thank you so much Molly and your beautiful gift of healing!
Running my business, Powers of Healing, is more than a full time job.  I’m a medium and Reiki master and also do all the scheduling, bookkeeping, and follow up.  I’m a one-woman company – phew!
I’ve been a yoga teacher for 14 years and still love to teach.  Currently, it’s only 3 or 4 classes a week.  Please come find me at Lexington Power Yoga. And starting in January, I will be teaching at Barre and Soul Yoga and Barre Studio in Harvard Square Mondays at 4:00pm.
Outside of work, my husband and I spend a lot of time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, hiking, biking, and generally enjoying the outdoors.  When we are home in Cambridge, we like to go for runs and also climb the stairs at the Harvard Stadium, which is a great workout. Except for yoga or barre, I always choose to exercise outdoors.
I teach a powerful vinyasa flow at Lexington Power Yoga (  I teach Mondays at 6 AM and Wednesdays at 6AM and noon.  I would love to see you in class but be forewarned; I have a reputation for being tough (but loving).
I also will be teaching at Barre and Soul yoga and barre studio in Harvard  Square Mondays at 4p starting in January 2016.
These days, I’m wearing LuluLemon, Glide, Splits59, and Athleta and I’m always on the new lookout for clothes that perform well and are, well, cute.
In regular fashion, I’ll confess that I’m a denim addict and I love a new pair of jeans!  My new favorite jeans are a pair of skinny jeans by Mother.  I also love the new faux fur vests – a great way to dress up jeans or yoga pants.  And you can never go wrong with a cute pair of short boots.  I love a little heel and I also love Frye boots.  Another fashion addiction.
Reiki is energy healing through the hands. Reiki is administered by “laying on hands,” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.  This type of hands-on healing assists in bringing the mind and body back into balance and can assist in relieving stress, anxiety, and pain.  I know it may sound like mumbo-jumbo, but it really works!
A Reiki session lasts 50 minutes and the client lies back (fully clothed) on a comfortable table.
I also work as medium, I channel the spirits of loved ones who have died and deliver messages to clients. Sometimes the information comes through as detailed facts, sometimes as images. This information I receive allows me to verify the identity of the person who has passed away. These direct connections are a step in the direction toward comfort, healing, and even joy.
This practice is a form of holistic spiritual healing.
  1. Please feel free to contact me with any questions –
  2. email –
  3. website –
  4. FB –
  5. Twitter –
  6. Instagram –

New Ms Fit Feature: Christina Kotseas of Kotseas Concierge

As we approach a new year, we thought that sharing our fondness for our newest Ms Fit, and her totally unique company would make for the perfect feature. I know we have so many new year’s resolutions, so many things we think we’ll definitely get to once a new page is turned and honestly, I think when we actually get there, we think to ourselves, how in the world did I think I could pull all of this off? Enter Christina Kotseas and her business, Kotseas Concierge. Sometimes a little help with even the smallest things is what we might need to help us get through the day, and that’s exactly what they do… need help with party planning or organizing a family trip, anything? They’ll be right there to get it all done for you so you can focus on everything else.

Let’s see what’s keeping founder, Christina Kotseas busy these days…

CK headshot

Holiday organization! I have been gearing up to prepare all of my clients for their holiday celebrations. We are gift shopping, gift wrapping, finalizing home decor, sending out holiday cards, planning cocktail parties, and getting organized for any winter travel.

gift boxes

I’ve recently become a fan of ClassPass and am milking that $119 per month for all it’s worth! I am the Maid of Honor in my sister’s New Year’s Eve wedding this year so am trying to be diligent with my workouts. Having a strong inventory of cute workout clothing like the Lulu lighten up bras help to keep my fitness game on point. I am wishing I had one for each day of the month! I love to wear them with open backed tops to show off all of their fabulous color options.

Tell us about your business, how you got started? Is this a service for everyone?
My business essentially started after I decided that my background as an executive assistant, nanny, yacht stewardess, and Red Sox event planner should really be combined into one role. As a personal assistant and concierge for many bustling Boston households, I​’​m able to apply my experience gained in each of these unique roles to my everyday work. This ​is​ definitely ​a service ​​for​ everyone! Any busy mom, household, executive, ​student, ​etc. can benefit from a few extra hours in their week, right? We can bill hourly if only a short amount of time is needed, or clients can purchase a package for 20, 30, 40 hours and use the time over the course of six months. This way, there is no stress to come up with projects day to day. People love to utilize the hours at their leisure, when it is most convenient for them. ​We’re now offering​ gift certificate​s​ for those hard-to-shop-for family members and friends!

​You can visit us on our website or Facebook.

You can also email me directly at


Gold Glitter logo white

New Ms Fit Feature: India Hicks

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

Every time I think of India Hicks, I think of that Elsie De Wolfe quote, the one that you may have run across once or twice on Instagram that says, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life.” That is exactly what India Hicks, her fragrances, gifts, accessories, style, and most importantly herself represents… so much beauty.  It is not always easy to express concepts like, the essence of relaxed yet luxurious island style, through digital images or social media,  but a quick browse around the India Hicks website and peek into any of her videos and you’ll see that is exactly what she has succeeded in doing.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet India twice! And yes, she is so stunning and stylish, has so many fascinating and worldly, and of course Royal stories (having been a bridesmaid of Princess Diana) that she explains are so much a part of the inspiration behind her lifestyle brand and the design of her products which includes jewelry, bags, accessories, and beauty products (we can’t wait for you to check them out!).  India is also so down-to-earth cool and hysterically funny. Both times, she had rooms full of people thoroughly enjoying themselves and laughing. India is also very accessible and caring. It is therefore no surprise that she is growing her successful direct sales business through building relationships with 600 style ambassadors. She also gives back in many ways, one way is creating a special series which shares inspirational stories about people leading impactful lives called, Extraordinary Lives. I am still pinching myself that India has included me and my experience recovering from a stroke on her list!

We are so grateful to India for taking a moment during this busy time of year to share with us, and become our newest Ms Fit!

India's last trip this Fall to Boston with Designer Daniela Corte

In Boston this fall with designer, Daniela Corte.                                                                              (image from Boston Common Magazine)



Being in partnership with 600 extraordinary women who have joined hands with me in an exciting opportunity, together we are building a direct sales business with a fresh and modern take.


Yoga pants, terrible isn’t it? The men in our lives are appalled; they want us to dress like Grace Kelly and we wear yoga pants. However, I am not into yoga, took a one-on-one the other day to remind myself how much this is not for me. I’m a runner, I need to be pounding that pavement or pink sand.



Where to begin, we can offer stocking stuffers from $20 to a serious $420 bag with lots of attitude!



Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Tokens.

Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Indi Pendant Rockstar Token.



The Carmen Clutch







The Beetle Bag

The Beetle Bag





Mince Pies… and homemade, but not by me.



One way we want to keep inspiring people is through our online videos.

India Hicks On Facebook

India Hicks on Instragram:

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