New Ms Fit Feature on the Booty-Beautiful, Kelly Brabants:

Kelly Brabants, fitness instructor and founder of the Boston based fitness and fashion brand, Booty By Brabants

Kelly Brabants, fitness instructor and founder of the Boston based fitness and fashion brand, Booty By Brabants.


Ms Fit for Society loves everything Fitness and Fashion, so when we heard about Kelly Brabants, we had to learn more! Kelly just embodies Fit-Fashion (literally). We love the fit-lifestyle brand she is creating and her glowy- healthy energy. Thank you so much for sharing with us Kelly!


Busy would be an understatement when it comes to my life right now,  but I could not be happier! I am now working for my business full time as well as teaching my “Booty By Brabants” classes & boxing classes at BFX Back Bay, Equinox Franklin St, and The Club by George Foreman III. I am teaching 14-15 classes a week right now and I LOVE it! I am so grateful to be able to work at 3 of the most amazing fitness studios in the city! My classes are my passion, teaching and motivating others is what I love most about my job! When I’m not teaching I spend my time working on growing my business & my brand, whether it be through social media, trunk shows, fitness events, meetings, I am taking every opportunity I can to learn and grow as a business owner and fitness professional. I am very lucky to have my family working with me to keep the business running. my dad and my brother do all of the shipping and handling, and my mom is in charge of the inventory. The whole Brabants clan is involved and on board with the booty business!


Right now I am loving the new BFX studio in Back Bay. I love the facility and the classes are killer! I also LOVE boxing, I try and take at least 2 boxing classes a week. Boxing is definitely a great stress reliever for me. Fashion wise, I love my Booty By Brabants apparel, of course. My go-to- outfit is usually a bright colored BBB legging, my  BBB sports bra and a tied up oversized tank. I’m also a huge sneaker junkie, I can never have enough Nikes! How I dress directly effects how I feel, so it’s super important for me to always look cute at the gym (hence why I started my BBB Workout line).


Kelly in Booty by Brabants

Kelly in Booty by Brabants




I started my business with the intention of it just being a workout. When I decided to start my own brand, I had been personal training at Equinox on Franklin Street for 2.5 years. I also have 15 years of dance experience. I wanted to create and teach my own class that was 100% designed by me. When creating my brand, I was inspired by the Brazilian booty (my mom is from Rio de Janeiro), and I love the Brazilian culture! I designed a 60-minute high intensity booty-shaping workout with unique moves derived from my dance and fitness background. I wanted this class to be fun and innovative, and really give women real results! The class started growing rapidly.  I was constantly getting asked about my clothes/style– it took a couple of months before I realized the huge demand for fun and sexy fitness apparel in Boston. So I reached out to a designer and manufacturer in Brazil to see if they wanted to partner with me. In December 2014, I launched my legging line known on social media as #BBBleggings.

While my leggings are without a doubt flattering, the Booty by Brabants brand is still based off of working out, and keeps exercise in the forefront of all things. To get the booty you desire, you need to work out and put the time and effort in. In return, these leggings will showcase your hard work. When I teach classes now about 80% of the girls are wearing BBBleggings, I still can’t believe it sometimes! (side note/this happens all the time: I was in whole foods the other day and two girls were wearing my leggings and I almost stopped to take a picture, but then my boyfriend called me a creep so I walked away. I swear it will never get old!!!! (Hahaha)


BBB Leggings

BBB Leggings



You can reach me via email @ & shop on my website




Booty with a Purpose

Now that summer is over (unofficially), it’s time to focus on all the things that make fall great. The most important being, your fall wardrobe, and within that, everybody’s staple, their jeans. For anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve never really been a jeans kinda gal… somehow over the last few years, I’ve gotten away with rocking leggings, skirts and dresses… ok, on occasion, I’ve donned a pair of jeans, but for the most part, I’ve been denim free.

This year, I have rekindled my love for jeans, I think, partly due to the fact that I’ve literally gotten my ass into gear this summer thru my barre workouts.  And what better way to show off those buns than in a pair of denim beauties.

The glutes are one of the biggest muscles in your body, so working them is not always the easiest of feats, but getting into a workout that shows results and a workout that you can easily do at home will get you to booty happiness in no time.

Check out our latest Ms Fit Moves video here…. A quick tutorial on Jessica’s favorite glutes workout that will really give you a booty with a purpose.

One of our custom barre illustrations for getting a fab booty workout Illustration by: Victor Hernandez

One of our custom barre illustrations for getting a fab booty workout
Illustration by: Victor Hernandez

And for the jean enthusiasts out there, read on to our next post about the coolest thing to happen to the denim world since indigo dye… GSTAR Raw’s newest collaboration with Pharrell Williams and their brand new jeans with a purpose.