In The Know: Make-up Artist Kerri Herlihy’s Winter Lip-Tip:

One of Boston’s most talented, award winning, and sought after make-up artists, Kerri Herlihy, shares much needed cold weather tips on how to take care of our lips:


Kerri Herlihy

Kerri Herlihy, photo:  Robert Hare Photography.


Kerri’s top 3 tips for soft winter lips:

Lush Lip Scrub
I have been hooked on these scrubs for years! They are made with castor sugar and organic jojoba oil to soften and smooth even the chappiest of lips.They have 3 tasty flavors in Mint Julip, Sweet Lips and Bubblegum, and can be licked off after exfoliating!
Lush Lip Scrub

Lush Lip Scrub

Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant:
Kerri’s latest lip scrub obsession, “While you cannot lick it off, it is super effective at ridding yourself of crusty chapped lips. I typically use this scrub at night before bed. Using small circular motions on the top and bottom lip, then removing with cool water. I then apply a small layer of carmex or aquaphor lip balm to help repair my dry lips while I am sleeping”.
DIY Lip Scrub:
Sugar is an amazing at home, natural lip scrub! When combined with Vaseline it is an amazing combo for super soft moisturized lips. You can add in (in a small bowl) almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. I use a baby toothbrush to apply and exfoliate. Using your fingers works well too! Give it a try!
Do It Yourself Lip Scrub

Do It Yourself Lip Scrub


For more information on Kerry Herlihy makeup visit


New Ms Fit Feature: India Hicks

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

Every time I think of India Hicks, I think of that Elsie De Wolfe quote, the one that you may have run across once or twice on Instagram that says, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life.” That is exactly what India Hicks, her fragrances, gifts, accessories, style, and most importantly herself represents… so much beauty.  It is not always easy to express concepts like, the essence of relaxed yet luxurious island style, through digital images or social media,  but a quick browse around the India Hicks website and peek into any of her videos and you’ll see that is exactly what she has succeeded in doing.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet India twice! And yes, she is so stunning and stylish, has so many fascinating and worldly, and of course Royal stories (having been a bridesmaid of Princess Diana) that she explains are so much a part of the inspiration behind her lifestyle brand and the design of her products which includes jewelry, bags, accessories, and beauty products (we can’t wait for you to check them out!).  India is also so down-to-earth cool and hysterically funny. Both times, she had rooms full of people thoroughly enjoying themselves and laughing. India is also very accessible and caring. It is therefore no surprise that she is growing her successful direct sales business through building relationships with 600 style ambassadors. She also gives back in many ways, one way is creating a special series which shares inspirational stories about people leading impactful lives called, Extraordinary Lives. I am still pinching myself that India has included me and my experience recovering from a stroke on her list!

We are so grateful to India for taking a moment during this busy time of year to share with us, and become our newest Ms Fit!

India's last trip this Fall to Boston with Designer Daniela Corte

In Boston this fall with designer, Daniela Corte.                                                                              (image from Boston Common Magazine)



Being in partnership with 600 extraordinary women who have joined hands with me in an exciting opportunity, together we are building a direct sales business with a fresh and modern take.


Yoga pants, terrible isn’t it? The men in our lives are appalled; they want us to dress like Grace Kelly and we wear yoga pants. However, I am not into yoga, took a one-on-one the other day to remind myself how much this is not for me. I’m a runner, I need to be pounding that pavement or pink sand.



Where to begin, we can offer stocking stuffers from $20 to a serious $420 bag with lots of attitude!



Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Tokens.

Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Indi Pendant Rockstar Token.



The Carmen Clutch







The Beetle Bag

The Beetle Bag





Mince Pies… and homemade, but not by me.



One way we want to keep inspiring people is through our online videos.

India Hicks On Facebook

India Hicks on Instragram:

India Hicks on Twitter:




The Faces of Fashion with the Good Ones

Last night, Jessica and I had the privilege of joining a truly celebrated crew of people who were chosen as the Good One’s Fashion, Business and Marketing Icons. The ladies of the Good Ones, featured Jessica and myself as their Faces of Fashion and we were over the moon about it!

The event was a huge success where everyone was required to wear black, white or red, which was a really fun theme for a really fun collection of talented, smart, creative and philanthropic people. Jessica and I really admire the girls of the Good Ones, Carolyn Kim and Jennifer Brooke who founded this company in 2012 as a way of connecting people of varying professions and interests through hosting one of a kind events throughout Boston. What an amazing and truly dying art of connecting people, in person, to share ideas and talents and perhaps even making a new friend all the while!

The gals of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke, Carolyn Kim and the Ms Fits

The gals of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke, Carolyn Kim and the Ms Fits


Here are just a few of the featured people that we had the privilege of getting to know… and a little bit about Jessica and myself if you aren’t already familiar…


Lauren Creedon

Lauren Creedon, Director of Partnerships at Fancred

Lauren builds partnerships between large brands and startup innovators. As Director of Partnerships at Fancred, the first live streaming app for sports fans, Lauren works with professional sports teams, leagues, and influencers who are leading digital media strategies. Fancred was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies. Lauren believes that innovative media businesses are built on strong partnerships and engaged communities. She is fascinated by the sports world and the opportunity that still exists to engage passionate fans. She is also a trained studio artist, obsessed with street & contemporary art. Find her at live music events and traveling to new cities as often as she can.



Lori Kyle Christensen, fashionista and entertainment reporter

Lori Kyle Christensen, fashionista and entertainment reporter

Lori is the creator and designer of Boston-based couture clothing label Venni Caprice Clothing, and the co-owner of the lifestyle brand Zero Fox Life with Kayla Harrity

She is an entertainment reporter for Dirty Water TV, a show that airs on NESN in New England. Lori also sings and plays a mean tambourine in the band Dick, Nick & Chick Justice at Venus around Boston.


Cort Davis, Mentor

Cort Davis, Mentor

Cort gives his time to mentor early stage companies out of Northeastern’s IDEA program as well as Mass Challenge. He is also a guest lecturer at Northeastern for senior entrepreneurial capstone students. This helps him keep a pulse on the industry while constantly learning new, inexpensive growth hacks to help early stage companies with little-tono funding.


Jessica Diaz, Co-Founder Ms Fit For Society

Jessica Diaz, (left) Co-Founder Ms Fit For Society


Jessica is a mom of two, Barre instructor, co-founder of Ms Fit For Society, and spokesperson for The American Stroke and Heart Association. Jessica is teaching Barre at Equinox and at Asana in Charlestown. Jessica is also in the process of becoming a Health Coach to better help her clients with nutrition, to offer a more rounded wellness approach to being healthy. Her role with the Stroke Association encourages her to help educate people of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica fell in love with the Barre twice in her life. Once in 2004, when she was first introduced to it while living in San Francisco, and again after having her second baby. What she loved most is that Barre class is toning, effective, and fun. She loved how much personal attention she received, while still enjoying a group exercising setting.

She was amazed at how just a few hours of Barre class a week had completely changed her body. Not only physically, but also giving her so much more energy. As a new mom, she needed that energy and she also loved that the hour class was a full body workout and helped her get back into her pre-baby shape. Jessica loved that the Barre classes allowed people to work at their own pace, using their own resistance and be challenging, yet safe enough for any fitness level.

After eight years of taking Barre classes, She knew that Barre would always be a part of her life and decided to begin teaching. Jessica became BarSculpt licensed in 2012. “ As a Barre teacher, I hope to bring the fun, challenge, and change, that this class has brought into my life”.


Alisa Kapinos, Co-founder, Ms Fit For Society

Alisa Kapinos, Co-founder, Ms Fit For Society

Alisa has been lucky enough to spend the last 10 years of her life working as a wardrobe stylist first on editorial shoots for magazines and commercials, meeting world renowned models and photographers, and then turning her focus on personal styling where she has witnessed some unbelievable closets, the good, the bad and the over-the-top. Since having her two sons, Alisa has also begun styling kids. As a mom, she realized how much moms really do invest in their kid’s clothes for fun, for sport, or whatever their daughters are telling them is trending that week, and how little time moms have to run a household, keep up a social calendar, take care of the kids, never mind have the time to keep up with their fashion demands. Alisa is also the co-founder of her two year old fitness/fashion blog Ms Fit for Society, a blog on everything fitness and fashion with a twist on everything else that’s keeping the Ms Fit’s lives on the go. “I think the goal in life is to be happy, and if I can focus my energy on the things that make me insanely happy, then I know I’ll be a better mom, wife and friend, all with a big smile on my face.”


Kornielia Kis, Consultant

Kornielia Kis, Consultant

Born in a small town in the heart of Hungary during the Communist Era, Koni Kis barely imagined that she would pursue an international career with one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, The Boston Consulting Group. Holding a Masters in Economic Sciences and an Executive MBA in Leadership, Koni studied and worked the last 15 years in Germany, Austria, India and Hungary, acquiring international experience and solving complex corporate challenges for clients and BCG. She moved to Boston in 2014 and is leading the firm’s global marketing analytics team. She enjoys working with cutting edge technologies and exploring beyond the obvious with the solutions her team provides for the company.


Ruta Laukien, founder of Liquid Art House

Ruta Laukien, Founder of Liquid Art House

What began as a planned summer trip to visit relatives in the United States would become a serenditipitous start to Ruta’s American dream. At age 17, the Lithuanian native would seek temporary asylum to pursue an education, as the Russian army invaded her homeland. The meandering journey, from Worcester to Jacksonville to New York City, would ultimately see a J.D./M.B.A. from Duke University – a detour that led to a flourishing career as an Investment Banker on Wall Street.

Today, the mother of two and Back Bay resident is the trailblazing founder of Liquid Art House, the first gallery/restaurant hybrid to hit the hub. Her vision for “LAH,” which began back in law school as a Lithuanian-style Tea House, would sit with her for fifteen years. After the implosion of employer Bear Stearns, her idea regained steam until crystalling into an “art hospitality” restaurant concept. A lover of food, art, wine and travel, Laukien decided to combine all her passions under one roof. The 2011 Mass Challenge alum (her idea made it to 2nd round) would eventually bootstrap her startup, which opened in May 2014, in the landmark building, The Arlington.


Kristin Steiberg relationship expert

Kristin Steinberg, Relationship Expert

Kristine is a relationship expert focused on advancing and transforming corporate and entertainment work environments. Through cutting edge systems, coaching techniques and deep business experience, Kristine creates forums that illuminate her clients’ goals, ignites their potential, helps them face fears and moves them to action. Her passion is increasing cohesion, health and positivity in the workplace. Kristine has worked with leaders and teams in organizations such at Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, TED, Harvard University, DreamWorks, Microsoft, Chanel, Edelman Public Relations, Heineken and The Home Depot.


Ryan Wittag, Philanthopist

Ryan Wittag, Philanthopist

Ryan is currently on a quest to sell 100 pies before Thanksgiving on behalf of Community Servings, an organization which delivers delicious, medically catered meals to individuals who are home-bound with an acute, life-threatening illness. Community Servings has achieved the highest designation (4 stars) from Charity Navigator. Each pie sold allows CS to deliver one week of meals to a client.


For more information about how to connect with the Good Ones, check out their Facebook page, the Good Ones. A huge thank you for including us in your fun Carolyn and Jennifer!


Beauty and Health Tips I learned at Town and Country’s Beauty and Wellness Event:

Ms Fit For Society is all about sharing! So when we were invited to attend this lovely beauty event hosted by Town and Country Magazine  yesterday, I jumped at the chance! Not only were valuable health and beauty tips revealed,  the room was full of influential people, and I also got to dine on a amazing lunch, desserts, and teas at L’Espalier. This makes for a pretty awesome Wednesday!

Here are just a few of the things I learned from this brilliant and gorgeous expert panel:


T&C panel of experts: (from left) Jasmina Agonovic, Soo-young Kang, Jaime Rosen, Dr. Tina Alster, and Heather Costa

T&C panel of experts: (from left) Jasmina Agonovic, Soo-young Kang, Jaime Rosen, Dr. Tina Alster, and Heather Costa.



Jasmine Agonovic, president of Mother Dirt.

Jasmine Agonovic, president of Mother Dirt.


Jasmine Agonovic is the president of Mother Dirt. Mother Dirt offers products that restore your skin’s natural microbiome and work to nurture the good bacteria of the skin. Jasmine pointed out how people have become used to talking about healthy bacteria in our gut and stomach with the popular use of probiotics. Her company and products look at the healthy bacteria of the skin, and how those healthy bacteria can help keep our skin looking and becoming healthier.

Jasmine wants us to rethink what clean is, for a long time, she says people have thought of clean as “sterile.” She says what she is learning is that sterile isn’t necessarily healthy for your skin, that we need some healthy bacteria to to get our skin healthier.

Jasmine also pointed out to be aware that even using some of the healthy natural soaps can be really harsh and drying on your skin.

Dr. Soo-Young Kang, Director of research and product safety for Living Proof.

Dr. Soo-Young Kang, director of research and product safety for Living Proof.


Dr. Soo-Young Kang shared some really great tips for keeping hair healthy. She points out that as we age we don’t grow new hair so it is important to take care of the hair we have.  She also talked about some trends in hair-care products and how we are going to see new technologies developing in the industry.  That technology is looking now more to nature, instead of trying to “out- do” nature to see how they can enhance and use new technologies and chemistry to work with it and develop great new products.  Dr. Kang also talked about how many of the current treatments we have on the market for  processes like perms and coloring haven’t changed much in decades and continue to be pretty damaging on hair. She will hopefully see improvements in these processes and treatments in the near future.

Dr. Kang also warned against over-washing and over styling.  Apart from being a true expert in hair, if you saw her hair you would try any thing she said ( I was admiring her hair the whole event). She said you can use dry shampoos to keep your hair looking clean instead of washing, drying and styling daily. I am definitely going to give the Living Proof dry shampoo a try. Another thing Dr. Kang recommends is night treatments. Our bodies are naturally in a state of repair and recovery at night. She has seen improvements in her own hair by incorporating a night routine with repair products.


Dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster

Dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster

Dr. Alster is a skin health expert and also one of the very first to begin using Botox. She shared some great tips and answered many questions about this growing industry. Her biggest tip was sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Sunscreen is the best thing you can do to prevent skin aging and prevent against skin cancer. She recommends a sunscreen with an SPF of 35 or higher.

A question was asked (and this is something I have wondered about as well)… If your foundation has sunscreen in it, does that really offer enough protection? The answer is yes, if the foundation has an SPF you are getting that level protection from the sun.

Dr. Alster also shared about the trend she is seeing in her industry that women today are taking more of a “middle-ground” when it comes to looking youthful. She is seeing that women today don’t want to look to over done with botox, and fillers, but are more comfortable and open with sharing that they do a little Botox or other non-surgical treatments to reduce the appearance of aging and fine lines.


Jaime Rosen, Beauty Director of Town and Country Magazine

Jaime Rosen, Beauty Director of Town and Country Magazine


Jaime Rosen is the Director of Beauty for Town and Country Magazine. She asked the panel of experts some great questions giving us all insight into their worlds of beauty and health.  Jaime also shared some great tips of her own.
A really important point she made about relying on adequate sunscreen in our foundation or tinted moisturizes  (which I have been doing) is that we often times don’t use enough or cover our entire face with the foundation. She recommends  to be fully protected from skin damage we may want to add in a real SPF underneath our foundation.

Jaime also answered one of my questions and gave me great advice. I asked how I can cover my greys  (oh yes! It feels like they are coming out non-stop these days) without damaging all my hair by using an all over hair-dye. Jaime suggests using a root covering products like color wow that can help camouflage greys.


Heather Costa, owner of Boston's Revolution Juice.

Heather Costa, owner of Boston’s Revolution Juice.

Heather Costa owns Revolution Juice and gave some really interesting insights into juice cleansing and the direction she sees the world cleansing going in…and I loved it! I agree with what she said that relying entirely on just juice to loose weight and detoxify is not always the best solution for improved health. I love her approach of working with her clients to combine nutrient packed juices with whole organics foods to obtain good health. Revolution juices offers more than that just juice, you can order smoothies, sorbets, daterorate, soups, coffee, tea, power bars, popcorn, and they are working one expanding their menus.

Heather also predicts that more and more juice cleanse will incorporate more smoothies that contain healthy fibers needed by the body . Learn more about her approach to health and juices on her website.


New Ms Fit Feature: The designers behind Rue De Seine

Rue De Seine's Daisy Gown from the Nomadic Love

Rue De Seine’s Daisy Gown from the Nomadic Love


Tis’ wedding season and lucky for us, and our Ms Fits, Rue De Seine made a stop at the local bridal boutique, Ceremony on their Nomadic Love tour. Ceremony exclusively carries this line of gorgeous and bohemian influenced gowns in all of Massachusetts. The gowns in this collection embody the free-spirit, style and bohemian lifestyle that we love. Each gown is unique in its gorgeous silk, flowered detailing, lace and feminine silhouette and are just as beautiful and stylish as the designer behind it. We are thrilled we had the chance to meet New Zealand designer, Greer Osborne, and lucky she took time out of her busy North American tour to share with us about what she is loving in fitness and fashion and a little more about her business partner and the artistic director at Rue De Siene, Michele Corty!


 We have just moved our design studio to Chicago where we are hoping to connect with more American brides who we see are to become our biggest market. We are having the Nomadic Love tour that started in Boston and will continue through the new year which involves a lot of traveling and meeting all of our beautiful brides. We will be visiting all our US retailers with the entire collection and will be there to help style the gowns. Visit our website for the full tour list at All Rue De Seine gowns will continue to be hand made in New Zealand.
The Roxy Gown from the Nomadic Love Collection

The Roxy Gown from the Nomadic Love Collection



We have just returned from New York for Bridal Fashion Week where we saw some really interesting and beautiful things; my favorite was the styling of Naeem Khan’s runway. We really love everything bohemian and the spring/summer 2016 Chloe collection was just glorious! In terms of fitness, we are always on the go, in airplanes or hotels, so any useful do-it-yourself fitness tips would be much appreciated!

Rue De Seine's Piper Gown from the Nomadic Love Collection

Rue De Seine’s Piper Gown from the Nomadic Love Collection


Michele started Rue De Seine 4 years ago with husband Michael. The brand started out as a pop up store in Auckland, New Zealand. Rue De Seine is the street in Paris where Michele and Michael used to live and the brand is based upon the effortless lifestyle of the bohemian women. The gowns have a hint of cheekiness, a touch of boho luxe glam, flooded with florals, lace and of course endless amounts of white. I got into designing wedding dresses after a year spent in New York interning at a bridal fashion house, I then moved back to NZ,  and after following Michele’s beautiful work I basically asked for a job and have been on the design team ever since.


When choosing your gown, it’s always nice to have friends and family around for such a big decision, we recommend only inviting your very close family and/or friends and keeping it to 2 people max!


Jessica got to play dress up in her dream dress, The Chloe Gown

Jessica got to play dress up  in her dream dress, The Chloe Gown.


@ruedeseinebridal on Instagram

Email: /


Rue De Seine carried at Ceremony Boston

New Ms Fit Feature: Caitlin Milbury


Caitlin Milbury, manager of Exhale Spa, Barre and Yoga Instructor

Caitlin Milbury, Mind Body Manager of Exhale Spa, Core Fusion and Yoga Instructor,  and brand ambassador for Crane and Lion.


Alisa and I met Caitlin at a charity event for the Boys and Girls Club almost a year ago.  The three of us were like a little Fitness-Fashion team that day getting ready for the event and ended up spending quite a few hours together. From the very start I felt like I had known Caitlin for years. She is one of those ultra-cool, laid back, but obviously very ambitious, hardworking types… and to top it all off very funny and a lot of fun to be around. It is therefore no surprise she is an amazing fitness instructor at Exhale Spa. Caitlin has a great way of inspiring and connecting with her students to make her classes ultra-challenging and fun at the same time.  I make it to her classes whenever I can and I highly recommend giving it a try.



My fantasy football team! This is my first year participating in a league with my family and things are getting very competitive. I’ve also been doing some more reading (I still believe in the good old paperback book!), which I find incredibly meditative.




I’m loving Crane and Lion! I’ve just recently been named their newest brand ambassador and I’m absolutely loving rocking all of their Fall items. I especially love the “moto jacket”.

In fitness, I am loving exhale’s newest class offering, Core Fusion Extreme. This class is a high intensity interval class that will leave your heart rate pumping and your new outfit drenched in sweat. While I love teaching barre and yoga first and foremost, it has been so fun to integrate this new class into my regiment.





Growing up I found myself the captain of most of my sports teams. It has always sort of been in my nature to love motivating those around me. Once I started working at exhale and got the shakes in thigh work in my first class, I was sold. My passion and dedication to Core Fusion allowed me to become a candidate for the teacher training program. I have since then moved into managing the mind-body program at exhale Battery Wharf. It’s a gift to love your job.

My best advice for Core Fusion/barre beginners is to leave all expectations and judgements at the door. The number one concern for new students is that they are afraid they will be the one uncoordinated person in the back who everyone is staring at. The good news is, nobody is looking at you! Barre is a mind-body method that encourages each guest to focus inward and prioritize alignment over reps. Your teacher is there to help you learn and progress safely and your peers are there to create a sphere of positive and encouraging energy, not to judge you.



my schedule is at;

My facebook page,

Instagram- cmilbury123


New Ms Fit Feature: Melina Olivia DiPaola

Melina DiPaola, founder of Ride North End and E.T.C Juicery

Melina DiPaola, founder of Ride North End and E.T.C Juicery



 Everything!! Haha! Teaching about a dozen classes a week, and also trying to keep up with my own fitness goals and lifting regime. I am working on my unassisted pull-ups, handstands, and arm balances. In addition to the teaching itself, finding new music, creating new playlists and choreography and keeping things fresh and interesting for classes. The day-to-day operations of the studio- from member relations to social media to scheduling and taking other teachers’ classes is also quite the endeavor! We are working on the final touches to open the e.t.c. juicery and smoothie bar side of the business as well. Developing smoothie recipes, establishing the product line, and working with the vendors is super fun, yet time consuming.

In fitness, I love, and always have loved, burpees. Crazy, I know. In my iron ride class that I teach (part ride, part exercises off of the bike mixing bodyweight, kettle bells, and med balls), we often end up doing 75-100 burps in a class. They do it all- cardio, strength, conditioning. Pragmatic fitness at its best. I also love anything and everything involving a kettlebell. I am also working on some more strength and skill-based goals these days in addition to the usual aesthetic goals. Now that I’ve pretty much nailed the headtsand, I’m experimenting with mastering the skills mentioned above that require great bodyweight strength.

For fashion, I am almost exclusively in workout clothes all of the time. Lululemon has always been my #1, because their clothes allow me to dress for fitness without looking unkempt. This weekend my mom, little sister and I stopped at the Newbury Street store and I picked up the Train Tough Crop in a kind of camo print (I love the styles that they come out with that have any kind of mesh cutout), and the vent-it-out crop in this amazing red snakeskin print. Super eye-catching, yet flattering, and perfect for teaching!
Ride North End

Ride North End

Ride is my vision of what I always wanted in a cycling/fitness studio. The decor is both mellow and enlivening, with cedarwood walls, high ceilings (the studio itself is a former garage), and invigorating sultry lighting. We offer ride classes as well as iron ride, which is a hybrid cardio and strength training class where we use any modality from bodyweight to kettle bells to med balls. To me, strength and muscle building was always that missing link in most group fitness regimens that held people back form getting the full results they desired. One of the coolest things about ride is that in a few weeks it will be combined with my first baby, e.t.c. juicery. So the studio will be a one stop shop for health enthusiasts, covering your fitness and nutritional (and caffeine) needs.

All of our instructors have different styles, choreography, and musical tastes, but the intention is always the same: to give you the opportunity to destress and get a good hard sweat session. My personal style is an amalgam of everything I’ve observed, liked, loved, despised, and picked up over 14 years of taking hundreds of classes, as well as my knowledge of fitness in general. I like to plan a workout that is not only pragmatic and intense, but that also appeals to the mind/psyche and releases a certain vibe of invigoration and positivity.


Visit our website for our schedule and to sign up for classes at  Take advantage of our new client special: 3 classes for $50.
Instagram and Twitter: @ridenorthend @etcjuicery
Spotify: northendride , Melina Olivia DiPaola
Instagram @melouwho7
Twitter @melinadipaola



New Ms Fit Feature: DANIELA CORTE

We have been wanting to do this feature on the talented, stylish and gorgeous, Daniela Corte for almost as long as MsFit has been around. We are so thrilled that day has come, especially now that DC is including fitness pieces in her expansive collection. You know we love everything and anything that ties fashion and fitness together, and Daniela is a MsFit through and through!

We had a MsFit “dress-up” day at DC Studio last week and jaws dropped, eyes bugging out, loved seeing the collection made of brightly colored maxi dresses, painted print skirt and top separates and even bathing suits, just to name a few… and you may even recognize some of her pieces which were recently featured in Sports Illustrated and modeled by Gigi Hadad! Her pieces are unique, beautiful, and made with such great fabrics and cuts, she has an item for every occasion! We both were wowed by how her collections included so many different types of pieces that truly anyone can wear at any time and at any age. Not only is Daniela a fashion expert, she is so warm and kind, has such contagious energy, and just so fun to be around. She even managed to make trying on bikinis a lot of fun! We obviously wanted to take the whole collection (and Daniela) home with us but we chose a few beautiful gems that we can’t wait to rock this summer!

We can’t wait to see what she’ll create next. Thank you Daniella so much for sharing with us!

xo A&J

Daniela Corte, I’m president, design director, creative director, founder, and chief bottle washer of Daniela Corte.

Daniela Corte, I’m president, design director, creative director, founder, and chief bottle washer of Daniela Corte.



Life!!! Everything!!! My kids definitely keep me on my toes. But my husband, my family and my friends are also a huge priority! And every other free minute is spent on my business! The second I finish designing one collection, it’s time for the next one, but I love it!!! Play hard, work hard 🙂



Fitness is my therapy. I love my trainer and friend Ildiko Varhelyi, she comes to my house and is the best way to jump start the morning as well as running on the Esplanande at the crack of dawn with my best friend! My latest fitness addiction is Anna Kaiser! She makes me want to dance! I just tried her treadmill workout. That was different and fun.

Daniela Corte with celebrity trainer and founder of AKT in Motion, Anna Kaiser.

Daniela Corte with celebrity trainer and founder of AKT inMotion, Anna Kaiser. Both in Daniela’s new fitness line.

Fashion is my passion. Even though, I, along with the whole city of Boston waited so long for summer, I’m now laser focused on fall and for the launch of my new fall collection. I’ll be pleasantly distracted from all these fall thoughts by my swim photoshoot in the next week.

Daniella Corte Swim, Scuba top and shorts

Daniela Corte Swim, Scuba top and shorts

The fashion item I love this week is my new denim rocker jacket. It is unlined and a prefect layering piece!

Daniela Corte Denim Rocker Jacket

Daniela Corte Denim Rocker Jacket


Gosh, it’s a long story!! I started in 2000, in a tiny upper flow studio far down Newbury Street. At that time, it was all custom clothing made right there in the store. As time went on, we kept moving to bigger and bigger studios, growing the business one season at a time. Now we have a floor at 211 Newbury Street and although we still make some of the clothes in our Newbury Street operation, most of our production is manufactured in NY, LA, and Argentina. And although we still do some custom work for our VIP customers, the business is mostly our ready-to-wear clothes, and most of the sales are done by various small boutiques all over the globe.

My favorite summer pieces are my jumpsuit, maxi dresses and silk and cotton scarves.


Daniela Corte Magestic Maxi

Daniela Corte Magestic Maxi


I’m getting a lot of love for it!! It’s crazy to sacrifice being sexy for being fit. And with our new fitness line you don’t have to.

Daniella Corte Fitness

Daniela Corte Fitness Line


My Website:, my studio (617-262-2100), my instagram and twitter feed: danielacorte
and in specialty boutiques around the world!!


Daniella Corte's paint splattered jean. These are custimazable and you can also bring in your own jeans to get the DC treatment.

Daniela Corte’s  custom paint splattered jean.


A Little Monday Inspiration – The She. Campaign

Nicole O'Neil

Nicole O’Neil

Nicole is the co-founder, photographer, she. strength.hope.empowerment. and owner and photographer at Nicole O’Neil Photography

We love finding inspiration everywhere and in all shapes and forms. Sometimes inspiration comes from quotes, or beautiful things, or in books, movies, or sometimes it’s the girl you’ve crossed paths with at your local coffee house for the past few years. In this story, it’s the latter. We have this great coffee house Zume’s in our neighborhood, it is an off day if Alisa and I don’t end up there at least once.

And the same goes for Nicole, an amazing local photographer. We have seen her and her photos at the coffee house for years.  So we were totally thrilled when we learned that Nicole was the co-founder of a new campaign/company that we have taken HUGE notice of called, She. We had no idea that Nicole was embarking on such a wonderful new project. However, looking back it is not surprising. Most of the time that we stop into Zume’s, it’s a whirlwind of rushing and wrangling the kids, so it’s rare we can stop to have an adult conversation with anyone. But I did take notice recently of how amazing Nicole looked. It seemed she was just sunnier and brighter. And now I know why. She was working on this new inspiring company, She. We are so thrilled to share with you what She. is all about:

What is keeping you busy right now? 

Getting She. up and running, fundraising, and setting up shoots and events. I’m also continuing to run my other photography business independent of She. and balancing some health issues. When not in work mode, which is rare these days, I am busy making sure I keep yo with spending time with family and friends.


What are you loving in fitness and fashion right now?

Fitness: I used to spend my time doing a lot of cardio but have switched to using free weights and strength training. I’ve found my body shape has drastically changed and I’m seeing amazing results with weight loss and muscle gain that I’ve never seen before. I am not able to do anything too strenuous due to some health issues but as soon as I can, I’m excited to try barre.

Fashion: I’m not really a fashionista, though I always make sure I look my best when I leave the house even if it’s coordinating workout clothes. I am a J.Crew/Banana Republic girl. I’m loving sheath dresses and wool mini shirttail skirts. I love using pops of color.  I used to wear dark colors as a way to hide myself and try to be “slimming,” but I embrace color now. I rarely leave home without my Sam Edelman boots (which I bought in both black and brown because I loved them so much), a long Buddha necklace, and a custom “hope” necklace I had made. I also love to relax and run errands in yoga pants with my Lululemon vinyasa scarf (my staple in the winter).

How do we keep in touch and learn more about you?

I’m everywhere. My email is, our She. email is

You can find me on Instagram as @nicoleoneilphotography and @shecampaign.

Twitter is @she_campaign

Facebook: Nicole O’Neil Photography and She.




More about me and she.

At 34 years old, I am the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever been. Growing up, I had major body image and self-esteem issues. I never thought I was good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. I had weight issues on and off throughout the years. I thought I was “fat” in high school and really wasn’t and fluctuated in my twenties. It took until my late twenties to realize I needed to start to focus on myself and learn to love who I am. I needed to let go of past traumas and past beliefs about who I was and what I “should be.” I started on that journey. I also rediscovered my passion for photography and after some urging from others, I made a go of it. Well, it turned out to be successful and I realized it was exactly what I should be doing. But, I found myself still doubting my abilities as well as my physical self. As a cheerleading coach and photographer, I saw girls and women point out all of their flaws, refuse to get in photos, and just overall not love themselves. I knew that feeling all too well. I decided I wanted to do something. We shouldn’t feel this way. We should love every part of our bodies and our lives and feel the power to change the things we don’t like if it is in our best interest and health. I did a project where I took pictures of almost 100 females, displayed them online and at a speaking program. We had speakers share their personal stories of eating disorders, self-esteem and body image issues and drug addiction. I’ve since wanted to do more, but wasn’t able to before this point.


I had some setbacks over that time, after I was witness to the marathon bombings. I spent a year in a place where I felt so anxious and emotional, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to really be happy again or continue to have a successful business. My body image and self-esteem issues that had started to go away came back. I gained a lot of weight and felt bad about myself all around. Once I came out of it on the other side, I started to focus completely on ME, more than ever. I realized it was the only way to full happiness and would make me a better person, friend, family member, and business owner. And it has. I have never felt as confident, or more hopeful and excited for all life has to offer. I’m in the best shape of my life and feel healthy and strong. I feel healthy and happy in my heart, mind and soul and that radiates into my business and the rest of my life. I see so many possibilities now. It is freeing and beautiful and I want all women and girls to feel this way. As I said, for years, I’ve wanted to start a movement to try and ensure girls learn at an early age to love themselves. I want girls to feel confident. I want them to realize the negative words and actions of others are not a reflection on them. I want them to not feel pressured by what society thinks they should be. I want women to look at themselves and see how amazing they are. My friend Kiera and I had the same visions and passions and one day, we sat down and came up with She., an initiative to help empower girls and women to love and embrace themselves no matter what.  This is my dream finally coming true. My hope in this beautiful life is to make a difference and inspire, so that is what I intend to do. You can read a more detailed version of “My Story” on our blog (the very first post we added).





New Ms Fit Feature: Kaity Cimo of Boston’s Newest Fitness and Fashion Brand

Kaity Cimo. Marketing Director of Crane & Lion

Kaity Cimo. Marketing Director of Crane & Lion

What is keeping you busy these days? 

 Since I work for a company, Crane &  Lion,  dedicated to fitness, I’m sure this is where I’m supposed to write I spend most of my time at the gym or studios.  In all honestly though most of my time – and sweat – has gone into the recent launch of Crane & Lion.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love being a part of a fashion start-up and engulfing myself in the entrepreneurial atmosphere.  When I can catch a break from our business, (and after spending QT with my husband and my four-legged furry child) that is when you can find me in the studio!


What are you loving in Fitness and Fashion right now? 

I love the continued fusion of fitness wear with fashion.  “Athleisure” is the new buzzword for this style and is becoming a category of it’s own on the runway.  Some outfit examples are a form-fitting workout tank tucked into high-waisted pants or pairing an sport dress with a cropped blazer.  The trend is ideal for us active women who want our clothing to be versatile throughout the whole day.  It allows us to embrace a lifestyle of activity and wellness – all while exuding a great sense of style. In 2015 I am looking forward to seeing more women wearing a variety of pant silhouettes such as wide leg and cuffed joggers.

How can we keep in touch and learn more about you?



Can you tell us a little bit more about Crane & Lion? 



Crane & Lion is a fitness and fashion brand that launched this past November in Boston.  We wanted to design a chic, versatile collection that pulls inspiration and structure from both the fashion and athletic worlds.  We offer a clean, streamlined look through a subtle, on-trend color palette, flattering style lines and thoughtful details.  Our pieces can be seamless additions to every woman’s closet as well as transition from the early morning workout to dinner with friends.  We want to inspire women to look good and feel good all while being comfortable with whom they are.


Crane&Lion Team:  left to right Kim Ortengren (director of design and production), Anna Saluti (sales manager), Kaity Cimo (director of marketing), John Udelson (CEO), Leanne Gent (managing partner, operations), Caitriona Taylor (vp, sales), Lauren O'Neill (technical design manager).  Photo credit Brad Romano

Crane&Lion Team: left to right Kim Ortengren (director of design and production), Anna Saluti (sales manager), Kaity Cimo (director of marketing), John Udelson (CEO), Leanne Gent (managing partner, operations), Caitriona Taylor (vp, sales), Lauren O’Neill (technical design manager). Photo credit Brad Romano

Beyond our core business we have a giving back program called Connect & Contribute.  At the end of each year, 5% of our revenue will be divided among three amazing organizations that dedicate themselves to the health, wellness and happiness of others: the one hundred for MGH Cancer Center, Wide Horizons for Children and Big Sisters Association of Greater Boston.  We will also be working side by side with these organizations, helping to raise awareness through events, social media and word of mouth.