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Ms Fit For Society


About Ms Fit For Society

We aren’t just fashion. We aren’t just fitness. We’re right where these two should be, together on one playing field.   The Ying and Yang…

Ms Fit For Society was truly born from our love of sharing ideas, clothes, health tips, mom tips, any and all ways of coming up with a plan to “live life to the fullest.”  Endless hours of sharing ideas over walks to the playground, over coffee, over wine, in dressing rooms, in baby classes and late night texts. Ultimately, Ms Fit for Society is the merging of our passions for fashion and fitness.

Another thing we share is our love for meeting new people. One of our goals for this endeavor is to share what we adore, but also to learn what all of you fabulous Ms Fits love too. We know there are plenty of amazing women out there starting new projects, supporting great causes, or just loving their newly purchased handbag or even new haircut and we want to hear about it! We’d love to learn all about what types of business you run, blogs you write, designers you crave, the workouts you love (or hate), the foods that help you stay healthy….anything at all you want to share to help us meet our goals of supporting each other in being happier, healthier and hopefully having more fun at the same time!

A bit more  about us~

Alisa Kapinos-

I’ve worked as a personal and wardrobe stylist for the last 10 years. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the world’s best photographers, makeup artists and models. I’ve been lucky enough to go to New York fashion weeks and meet top designers, I’ve been lucky enough to transform people’s closets and love for fashion, and as of the last 4 years, I’ve been lucky enough to become a mom to my two beautiful sons. And now, I’m on this journey that is Ms. Fit for Society. @styleproductions @googoogabgab

Jessica Diaz-

I have been in love with Barre workouts now for over 13 years. I have been teaching for over three years. I am currently teaching at Asana Charlestown and at Equinox Avery Street. I have been so fortunate to train and learn from the best teachers across the country. For my full class schedule visit my facebook page Jessica Diaz Boston Barre or email me at

I started teaching Barre because I wanted to share the positive changes it brought to my life. Some of the changes were more obvious (increased strength and flexibility) and some surprising (way more energy, interacting with tons of fabulous people, and the tremendous joy I have when seeing people’s excitement when they start to see the changes in their lives too).

Barre has helped me have more energy to keep up with my two kids and also feeling stronger and healthier…. resulting in me having way more fun with fashion. I have never loved fashion more than right now.. so it was the perfect timing to join forces with Alisa to form Ms Fit For Society. @jessicadiaz22 @jessicadiazbostonbarre


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Photo by Joel Benjamin

Our outfits by Daniela Corte

Make-up: Dani Wagner

Hair: Jana Rago

New Ms Fit Feature: India Hicks

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

Every time I think of India Hicks, I think of that Elsie De Wolfe quote, the one that you may have run across once or twice on Instagram that says, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life.” That is exactly what India Hicks, her fragrances, gifts, accessories, style, and most importantly herself represents… so much beauty.  It is not always easy to express concepts like, the essence of relaxed yet luxurious island style, through digital images or social media,  but a quick browse around the India Hicks website and peek into any of her videos and you’ll see that is exactly what she has succeeded in doing.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet India twice! And yes, she is so stunning and stylish, has so many fascinating and worldly, and of course Royal stories (having been a bridesmaid of Princess Diana) that she explains are so much a part of the inspiration behind her lifestyle brand and the design of her products which includes jewelry, bags, accessories, and beauty products (we can’t wait for you to check them out!).  India is also so down-to-earth cool and hysterically funny. Both times, she had rooms full of people thoroughly enjoying themselves and laughing. India is also very accessible and caring. It is therefore no surprise that she is growing her successful direct sales business through building relationships with 600 style ambassadors. She also gives back in many ways, one way is creating a special series which shares inspirational stories about people leading impactful lives called, Extraordinary Lives. I am still pinching myself that India has included me and my experience recovering from a stroke on her list!

We are so grateful to India for taking a moment during this busy time of year to share with us, and become our newest Ms Fit!

India's last trip this Fall to Boston with Designer Daniela Corte

In Boston this fall with designer, Daniela Corte.                                                                              (image from Boston Common Magazine)



Being in partnership with 600 extraordinary women who have joined hands with me in an exciting opportunity, together we are building a direct sales business with a fresh and modern take.


Yoga pants, terrible isn’t it? The men in our lives are appalled; they want us to dress like Grace Kelly and we wear yoga pants. However, I am not into yoga, took a one-on-one the other day to remind myself how much this is not for me. I’m a runner, I need to be pounding that pavement or pink sand.



Where to begin, we can offer stocking stuffers from $20 to a serious $420 bag with lots of attitude!



Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Tokens.

Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Indi Pendant Rockstar Token.



The Carmen Clutch







The Beetle Bag

The Beetle Bag





Mince Pies… and homemade, but not by me.



One way we want to keep inspiring people is through our online videos.

India Hicks On Facebook

India Hicks on Instragram:

India Hicks on Twitter:




New Ms Fit Feature: DANIELA CORTE

We have been wanting to do this feature on the talented, stylish and gorgeous, Daniela Corte for almost as long as MsFit has been around. We are so thrilled that day has come, especially now that DC is including fitness pieces in her expansive collection. You know we love everything and anything that ties fashion and fitness together, and Daniela is a MsFit through and through!

We had a MsFit “dress-up” day at DC Studio last week and jaws dropped, eyes bugging out, loved seeing the collection made of brightly colored maxi dresses, painted print skirt and top separates and even bathing suits, just to name a few… and you may even recognize some of her pieces which were recently featured in Sports Illustrated and modeled by Gigi Hadad! Her pieces are unique, beautiful, and made with such great fabrics and cuts, she has an item for every occasion! We both were wowed by how her collections included so many different types of pieces that truly anyone can wear at any time and at any age. Not only is Daniela a fashion expert, she is so warm and kind, has such contagious energy, and just so fun to be around. She even managed to make trying on bikinis a lot of fun! We obviously wanted to take the whole collection (and Daniela) home with us but we chose a few beautiful gems that we can’t wait to rock this summer!

We can’t wait to see what she’ll create next. Thank you Daniella so much for sharing with us!

xo A&J

Daniela Corte, I’m president, design director, creative director, founder, and chief bottle washer of Daniela Corte.

Daniela Corte, I’m president, design director, creative director, founder, and chief bottle washer of Daniela Corte.



Life!!! Everything!!! My kids definitely keep me on my toes. But my husband, my family and my friends are also a huge priority! And every other free minute is spent on my business! The second I finish designing one collection, it’s time for the next one, but I love it!!! Play hard, work hard 🙂



Fitness is my therapy. I love my trainer and friend Ildiko Varhelyi, she comes to my house and is the best way to jump start the morning as well as running on the Esplanande at the crack of dawn with my best friend! My latest fitness addiction is Anna Kaiser! She makes me want to dance! I just tried her treadmill workout. That was different and fun.

Daniela Corte with celebrity trainer and founder of AKT in Motion, Anna Kaiser.

Daniela Corte with celebrity trainer and founder of AKT inMotion, Anna Kaiser. Both in Daniela’s new fitness line.

Fashion is my passion. Even though, I, along with the whole city of Boston waited so long for summer, I’m now laser focused on fall and for the launch of my new fall collection. I’ll be pleasantly distracted from all these fall thoughts by my swim photoshoot in the next week.

Daniella Corte Swim, Scuba top and shorts

Daniela Corte Swim, Scuba top and shorts

The fashion item I love this week is my new denim rocker jacket. It is unlined and a prefect layering piece!

Daniela Corte Denim Rocker Jacket

Daniela Corte Denim Rocker Jacket


Gosh, it’s a long story!! I started in 2000, in a tiny upper flow studio far down Newbury Street. At that time, it was all custom clothing made right there in the store. As time went on, we kept moving to bigger and bigger studios, growing the business one season at a time. Now we have a floor at 211 Newbury Street and although we still make some of the clothes in our Newbury Street operation, most of our production is manufactured in NY, LA, and Argentina. And although we still do some custom work for our VIP customers, the business is mostly our ready-to-wear clothes, and most of the sales are done by various small boutiques all over the globe.

My favorite summer pieces are my jumpsuit, maxi dresses and silk and cotton scarves.


Daniela Corte Magestic Maxi

Daniela Corte Magestic Maxi


I’m getting a lot of love for it!! It’s crazy to sacrifice being sexy for being fit. And with our new fitness line you don’t have to.

Daniella Corte Fitness

Daniela Corte Fitness Line


My Website:, my studio (617-262-2100), my instagram and twitter feed: danielacorte
and in specialty boutiques around the world!!


Daniella Corte's paint splattered jean. These are custimazable and you can also bring in your own jeans to get the DC treatment.

Daniela Corte’s  custom paint splattered jean.


Jessica’s Studio Style & Music for Barre and Boxing:

No matter where I’m going to workout, I’m somehow always layered. I love layering! I always have an easy-to-throw-on sweatshirt or tee over a workout tank, even in the summer. I also love layering because I usually have somewhere to be right after class and this allows for quick transitions between workout to day or evening wear.

Here is what I am wearing and listening to right now during my two favorite workouts:




1. The Modern Classic from Gwenyth~ I have one in every color! It is the perfect top to wear to Barre and really everywhere. I love the ballet style and adjustable fit. I love how I can tie the sides up while I am teaching and then pull the sides down post class and pair with a sweater or cardigan to meet friends for coffee or run errands. It’s effortless!

Gwenyth's Modern Classic in Ballet Pink

Gwenyth’s Modern Classic in ballet pink

2. Firedaughter Clothing’s off-the-shoulder Big Huge Heart Sweatshirt~ Anything off-the-shoulder is my favorite and Firedaughter has definitely perfected the off-the-shoulder look.  I have a collection of these types of inspirational tees and sweatshirts… and this is the perfect layer!


Firedaughter's Big Huge Heart off the wide shoulder sweathshirt.

Firedaughter’s Big Huge Heart off-the-shoulder sweatshirt


3. The perfect leggings~ For Barre, I’m usually wearing either the Splits Tendu grip tights or the Nova Capri legging from Splits59. I love the Tendu grip tights because of the grips on the bottom of the feet that work perfectly for helping hold that stretch at the Barre which means you don’t have to wear Barre socks. I also love the Nova Capri because they have the best fit of any legging I own.


Splits59 Nova Classic Capri

Splits59 Nova Capri


Splits59 Tendu Grip Tights

Splits59 Tendu Grip Tights


4. Nike Wedge sneakers~ I am so thankful for the wedge sneaker! I am obsessed! It is the perfect fit-fashion invention. Throw these on with your workout outfit and immediately you can carry your workout look through the rest of the day. I always feel like I look better with a little height and they’re perfect to wear to a Barre workout because you actually do the workout in socks or barefoot.

Nike Dunk Sky High Sneaker.

Nike Dunk Sky High Sneaker.

5. Take your Barre look to dinner with Daniela Corte’s off the shoulder Ballet Top. As I said, I love everything off the shoulder. I just bought this top. I can throw it on with my workout leggings and I’m all ready for post Barre class fun.

Daniela Corte Ballet top

Daniela Corte Ballet top


1. My prize possession. These were a limited edition item from Alexander Wang‘s Objects collection two years ago. They are 12 ounces of pure leather perfection!

Alexander Wang boxing gloves.

Alexander Wang boxing gloves.


2. The “Edgy” Legging~ I love these Daniela Corte Tracy Capri leggings in Python. They are the perfect legging for looking cool while you’re kicking butt.

The Daniela Corte Tracy Capri

The Daniela Corte Tracy Capri


3. The Ashby Tank and Loren Bra~ If you know me, you know there is a 75% chance I’m wearing at least one item that’s Splits59 at all times. And for kickboxing, it’s often the Ashby tank. It fits perfectly and I find that in workouts where I am sweating more like boxing or spin, the Ashby doesn’t get uncomfortable.


Splits59 Ashby Tank

Splits59 Ashby Tank



Splits59 Loren Seamless Bra-Painted

Splits59 Loren Seamless Bra-Painted

4. Crane & Lion’s long sleeve tee. I love the fit of this and the tee has great ruching in the back for an even slimmer fit.


Crane&Lion Longsleeve Tee

Crane&Lion Longsleeve Tee

5. Divert Jacket by Koral Activewear~ Perfect to complete the look and easy to throw on over everything.


Divert Love Sleeve Hooded Jacket

Divert Love Sleeve Hooded Jacket


6. Liteweight sneakers~ For kickboxing, I like a very lightweight sneaker such as these Nike Free TR Breathe.


Nike Free Sneaker

Nike Free Sneaker


Nothing motivates me like great music. Here’s my latest playlist for music I’m playing in my Barre classes and listening to while I workout on Spotify.