Beauty and Health Tips I learned at Town and Country’s Beauty and Wellness Event:

Ms Fit For Society is all about sharing! So when we were invited to attend this lovely beauty event hosted by Town and Country Magazine  yesterday, I jumped at the chance! Not only were valuable health and beauty tips revealed,  the room was full of influential people, and I also got to dine on a amazing lunch, desserts, and teas at L’Espalier. This makes for a pretty awesome Wednesday!

Here are just a few of the things I learned from this brilliant and gorgeous expert panel:


T&C panel of experts: (from left) Jasmina Agonovic, Soo-young Kang, Jaime Rosen, Dr. Tina Alster, and Heather Costa

T&C panel of experts: (from left) Jasmina Agonovic, Soo-young Kang, Jaime Rosen, Dr. Tina Alster, and Heather Costa.



Jasmine Agonovic, president of Mother Dirt.

Jasmine Agonovic, president of Mother Dirt.


Jasmine Agonovic is the president of Mother Dirt. Mother Dirt offers products that restore your skin’s natural microbiome and work to nurture the good bacteria of the skin. Jasmine pointed out how people have become used to talking about healthy bacteria in our gut and stomach with the popular use of probiotics. Her company and products look at the healthy bacteria of the skin, and how those healthy bacteria can help keep our skin looking and becoming healthier.

Jasmine wants us to rethink what clean is, for a long time, she says people have thought of clean as “sterile.” She says what she is learning is that sterile isn’t necessarily healthy for your skin, that we need some healthy bacteria to to get our skin healthier.

Jasmine also pointed out to be aware that even using some of the healthy natural soaps can be really harsh and drying on your skin.

Dr. Soo-Young Kang, Director of research and product safety for Living Proof.

Dr. Soo-Young Kang, director of research and product safety for Living Proof.


Dr. Soo-Young Kang shared some really great tips for keeping hair healthy. She points out that as we age we don’t grow new hair so it is important to take care of the hair we have.  She also talked about some trends in hair-care products and how we are going to see new technologies developing in the industry.  That technology is looking now more to nature, instead of trying to “out- do” nature to see how they can enhance and use new technologies and chemistry to work with it and develop great new products.  Dr. Kang also talked about how many of the current treatments we have on the market for  processes like perms and coloring haven’t changed much in decades and continue to be pretty damaging on hair. She will hopefully see improvements in these processes and treatments in the near future.

Dr. Kang also warned against over-washing and over styling.  Apart from being a true expert in hair, if you saw her hair you would try any thing she said ( I was admiring her hair the whole event). She said you can use dry shampoos to keep your hair looking clean instead of washing, drying and styling daily. I am definitely going to give the Living Proof dry shampoo a try. Another thing Dr. Kang recommends is night treatments. Our bodies are naturally in a state of repair and recovery at night. She has seen improvements in her own hair by incorporating a night routine with repair products.


Dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster

Dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster

Dr. Alster is a skin health expert and also one of the very first to begin using Botox. She shared some great tips and answered many questions about this growing industry. Her biggest tip was sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Sunscreen is the best thing you can do to prevent skin aging and prevent against skin cancer. She recommends a sunscreen with an SPF of 35 or higher.

A question was asked (and this is something I have wondered about as well)… If your foundation has sunscreen in it, does that really offer enough protection? The answer is yes, if the foundation has an SPF you are getting that level protection from the sun.

Dr. Alster also shared about the trend she is seeing in her industry that women today are taking more of a “middle-ground” when it comes to looking youthful. She is seeing that women today don’t want to look to over done with botox, and fillers, but are more comfortable and open with sharing that they do a little Botox or other non-surgical treatments to reduce the appearance of aging and fine lines.


Jaime Rosen, Beauty Director of Town and Country Magazine

Jaime Rosen, Beauty Director of Town and Country Magazine


Jaime Rosen is the Director of Beauty for Town and Country Magazine. She asked the panel of experts some great questions giving us all insight into their worlds of beauty and health.  Jaime also shared some great tips of her own.
A really important point she made about relying on adequate sunscreen in our foundation or tinted moisturizes  (which I have been doing) is that we often times don’t use enough or cover our entire face with the foundation. She recommends  to be fully protected from skin damage we may want to add in a real SPF underneath our foundation.

Jaime also answered one of my questions and gave me great advice. I asked how I can cover my greys  (oh yes! It feels like they are coming out non-stop these days) without damaging all my hair by using an all over hair-dye. Jaime suggests using a root covering products like color wow that can help camouflage greys.


Heather Costa, owner of Boston's Revolution Juice.

Heather Costa, owner of Boston’s Revolution Juice.

Heather Costa owns Revolution Juice and gave some really interesting insights into juice cleansing and the direction she sees the world cleansing going in…and I loved it! I agree with what she said that relying entirely on just juice to loose weight and detoxify is not always the best solution for improved health. I love her approach of working with her clients to combine nutrient packed juices with whole organics foods to obtain good health. Revolution juices offers more than that just juice, you can order smoothies, sorbets, daterorate, soups, coffee, tea, power bars, popcorn, and they are working one expanding their menus.

Heather also predicts that more and more juice cleanse will incorporate more smoothies that contain healthy fibers needed by the body . Learn more about her approach to health and juices on her website.