Fit-Fashion Friday: About Us

Ms Fit For Society


About Ms Fit For Society

We aren’t just fashion. We aren’t just fitness. We’re right where these two should be, together on one playing field.   The Ying and Yang…

Ms Fit For Society was truly born from our love of sharing ideas, clothes, health tips, mom tips, any and all ways of coming up with a plan to “live life to the fullest.”  Endless hours of sharing ideas over walks to the playground, over coffee, over wine, in dressing rooms, in baby classes and late night texts. Ultimately, Ms Fit for Society is the merging of our passions for fashion and fitness.

Another thing we share is our love for meeting new people. One of our goals for this endeavor is to share what we adore, but also to learn what all of you fabulous Ms Fits love too. We know there are plenty of amazing women out there starting new projects, supporting great causes, or just loving their newly purchased handbag or even new haircut and we want to hear about it! We’d love to learn all about what types of business you run, blogs you write, designers you crave, the workouts you love (or hate), the foods that help you stay healthy….anything at all you want to share to help us meet our goals of supporting each other in being happier, healthier and hopefully having more fun at the same time!

A bit more  about us~

Alisa Kapinos-

I’ve worked as a personal and wardrobe stylist for the last 10 years. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the world’s best photographers, makeup artists and models. I’ve been lucky enough to go to New York fashion weeks and meet top designers, I’ve been lucky enough to transform people’s closets and love for fashion, and as of the last 4 years, I’ve been lucky enough to become a mom to my two beautiful sons. And now, I’m on this journey that is Ms. Fit for Society. @styleproductions @googoogabgab

Jessica Diaz-

I have been in love with Barre workouts now for over 13 years. I have been teaching for over three years. I am currently teaching at Asana Charlestown and at Equinox Avery Street. I have been so fortunate to train and learn from the best teachers across the country. For my full class schedule visit my facebook page Jessica Diaz Boston Barre or email me at

I started teaching Barre because I wanted to share the positive changes it brought to my life. Some of the changes were more obvious (increased strength and flexibility) and some surprising (way more energy, interacting with tons of fabulous people, and the tremendous joy I have when seeing people’s excitement when they start to see the changes in their lives too).

Barre has helped me have more energy to keep up with my two kids and also feeling stronger and healthier…. resulting in me having way more fun with fashion. I have never loved fashion more than right now.. so it was the perfect timing to join forces with Alisa to form Ms Fit For Society. @jessicadiaz22 @jessicadiazbostonbarre


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Photo by Joel Benjamin

Our outfits by Daniela Corte

Make-up: Dani Wagner

Hair: Jana Rago

Fit for Fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue

Last Thursday at this time, these MsFits were running around Saks like two crazy ladies pulling together the finishing looks for our first ever Fit Fashion Presentation. We wanted to showcase 5 beautiful new summer pieces from Saks that highlight 5 different areas of the body and how you can work them with simple barre exercises to get your body ready for these summer trends.

Yes, trends are just trends, they come and go in a blink of an eye. But each season, there is something new to try, like a different dish at your favorite restaurant… so why not have a little tasting? What I find as a stylist is that people tend to wear a larger array of trends when they feel their best. And they feel their best when they know that they’ve put in the effort to look that way. You don’t have to be a size 0 to attempt every trend, but when you’re playing around with fashion, it’s much more fun when your confidence pushes you to think outside your own fashion box.

The areas of the body that we focused on were the arms, abs, thighs, calves and butt. And for each of our guests we designed our own little cue cards to help them remember the moves… Our amazing illustrator drew each girl in a fun outfit that I designed, with Jess’ careful attention to each one of the poses. We’re also going to be posting our own videos to really show you how to execute each one of these routines… Find the videos here.

Cue Card

Cue Card


Cue Card

Cue Card


Also, with stroke awareness being an extremely important cause for us for many reasons and because May is Stroke Awareness month, we invited Dr. Rost, the Director of the Acute Stroke Services at Mass General Hospital, to speak about the importance of stroke awareness and how every one of us should never ignore warning signs and always be conscious about what our body is telling us. 10% of the proceeds from sales that night went to the American Stroke Association which we’re so thankful for!

Here are some photos from the event… Enjoy!

Models ready to go...

Models ready to go…


Left to Right:

Floral top, skirt, coat and bag, Stella McCartney. Sandals, Salvatore Ferragamo. Necklace, Mija.

Bra top, Helmut Lang. Culottes, Marc Jacobs. Scarf (in the hair), Emilio Pucci. Sunglasses, Prada. Sandals, Jimmy Choo.

Dress, Herve Leger. Leather jacket, Thakoon. Necklace and bangles, Alexis Bittar. Clutch, Alexander McQueen.

Dress, Cushnie et Ochs. Gold choker and bangles, Celine. Bag, Alexander McQueen. Sandals, Jimmy Choo.

Boucle jacket and skirt with bird print top, Nina Ricci. Sunglasses, Dior. Earrings, Phillips House. Bangles, Mija. Bag, Celine. Sandals, Prada.




With our beautiful fitness model, Christie

With our beautiful fitness model, Christie

Dr. Rost

Dr. Rost

Thank you to our glam squad for making us look presentable!

Thank you to our glam squad for making us look presentable!


Showing off the reverse push-up

Showing off the reverse push-up

Keep those heels high!

Keep those heels high!

Reed Krakoff clutch

Reed Krakoff clutch



Side plank

Side plank



C'est fini!

C’est fini!




All photography by Hogger & Co.

All looks available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Boston.

Models of Maggie, Inc.

Hair by Dani Noel and Nathan Alan of Blo.

Makeup by NARS.

Jessica and Christie’s outfits, Splits59. Sneakers, Reebok.