MsFit Feature: Isabelle English

Isabelle English

Living in London (for now!), Student at NYU



Over the past few years, I have undergone a complete lifestyle makeover. I am the daughter of two gourmet chefs, so the love of food and cooking is practically in my DNA. But as a young girl going through the elementary struggles that all young girls do, this got me into trouble. I fell into poor eating habits and stopped, or rather, never began taking care of my self. I was irresponsible with how I treated my body and reckless in my decisions when it came to food and fitness and how both made me feel.

It was not until the summer before college, when I was nearing three hundred pounds, that I decided to make a change. It took immense amounts of will power, seven days a week at the gym and some serious soul searching, but soon after I began to make changes in my daily choices, the weight seemed to glide right off. Since then, I have been taking steps in not only altering my food and fitness choices, but revamping my entire way of living. This includes things as simple as understanding nutritional facts or learning to use exercise as an outlet for stress or upset. Through such mechanisms, I was able to completely reinvent my relationship to food, my relationship to fitness- and now- as I am reaching my goal weight and shape, my relationship to fashion.

As an overweight, self conscious teenager, I was unable and unwilling to express myself through my clothing. I didn’t care what I put on my body as long as it was comfortable. Now that I am able to shop at stores I love and wear and feel confident in things I never even dreamed I could, I am passionate about what I put on and how it reflects who I am.

My biggest project at the moment is my working memoir. It’s about my journey from the guarded, overweight and embarrassed adolescent I was into the confident, creative, free spirited young woman I am today. I cover almost all aspects of my life – but focus mostly on the three things I have gained from such a major lose – my positive relationship with food, my love and passion for fashion and my dedication to fitness and overall health- and, of course, how such changes have changed my entire life in the best way possible. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been – and writing it all down, and hopefully sharing it one day, it a great way to solidify my success.


These days in fashion I am really into monochromatic looks. Whether it be an all black or navy ensemble, or a mix and match of floral or stripped prints, consistency is key. My favorite piece of clothing right now is a plum and navy floral jumper. I think one solid print or color is both chic and sophisticated- and super easy! When it comes down to it, I like to wear whatever I feel good in- and that sense of confidence, to me, makes the outfit! (I am also obsessed with high wasted skirts. That trend is timeless. Oh- and scarves! Lots and lots of scarves!)

My fitness regime, like my fashion, is constantly changing. I’ve been doing Barry’s boot-camp in London, and was obsessed with Soul Cycle in NYC. They are high energy and really make you sweat- both things I look for in a good workout. On the days when I don’t take classes, though, I run and do weight training and bosu exercises. I find that changing things up helps keep me motivated. So some days, I just go out for extremely long walks in new neighborhoods and do lunges across the street!



Instagram: @izzadele