Ms. Fit Feature: J.C. Monahan



We had the pleasure of meeting  J.C. at last month’s MFA Summer Party. She was dressed in a gorgeous red Monique Lhuillier gown, but it was her personality that shined brighter than the lights of the dance floor. Two minutes after meeting J.C., I felt like we’d been friends for the last twenty years; her smile, her sense of humor and her warmth is exactly why she’s become so popular as an anchor on Boston’s Channel 5 news. As a working mom of two girls, a philanthropist and such a girl’s girl, we thought J.C. would make the perfect Ms. Fit… and we were right. We love you J.C. and all that you bring to the city of Boston.

Read on for J.C.’s feature…

J.C. at the MFA Summer Party

J.C. at the MFA Summer Party


J.C. MONAHAN, Co-anchor of Newscenter5 at 5:00pm and co-anchor of Channel 5’s “Chronicle”.


Being a working mom means keeping a very busy schedule. With summer here (finally!), my two girls have made their “summer list” and they expect to have everything crossed off by the end of the season! Right now, we’re practicing cartwheels, roasting marshmallows and running our outdoor “café”, where my two year old, Victoria, is a world renowned chef.
The warmer months means lots of great charity events. I recently took the field at Fenway Park for batting practice to help raise money for the Jimmy Fund. I did my best Gisele impression (haha) modeling fashions for The Ellie Fund, an organization that helps breast cancer patients. David Ortiz hosted a fantastic Dominican-themed evening to raise money for his Children’s Charity and there was the beautiful, June night at the MFA summer party. And the season has just begun!

And let’s not forget the great concerts coming our way this summer. You’ll find me trying to keep up with Beyonce’s moves at her concert with Jay Z and, for my daughter, blocking the screams of pre-teens at the One Direction concert. Wish me luck on this one!

I recently started running, inspired by the event at last year’s Boston Marathon. After completing this year’s Boston Marathon, I wanted to keep the fun going so I signed up for the BAA10k. Winding through the Back Bay, over the BU bridge and back again, with beautiful views of the city, it’s a fantastic course that reminds me why I love Boston so much.
To give my knees a break (my body is not meant for running), I started taking spin classes. My co-anchor is obsessed and he’s trying to get me addicted as well. I must say, I see the appeal. Good music, dim lights and a lot of positive energy. It’s a great way to start the day.

Fashion is always on my radar. I have a conservative style, but I try to incorporate a few fashion pieces into my wardrobe each season. I look forward to fall fashion the most. I find designers use the best fabrics… cashmere being my favorite. I’m looking forward to trying the “cape” trend. Men’s tailoring for women means I can pull some of my old suits out of the closet, but the jury is still out on the 60’s trend. It’s fun and flirty and I can see it working on others (my sister is perfect for the look) but I think I’ll be sitting this one out. Only time will tell!

You can see more of J.C. every night on Channel 5.