New Ms Fit Feature: Jessica Hennessy

Jessica Hennessy, Owner if Mercury Moving and Storage and blogger of The Haute Mamas

Jessica Hennessy, Owner of Mercury Moving and Storage and blogger of The Haute Mamas .



I have so much keeping me busy, I don’t know where to start! I guess it makes sense to start with the priority, which are my two exuberant little boys. At 3 and 5-years-old, they are basically like to superballs- once they get going they are hard to catch!

I own a moving and storage company, founded by cherished late husband, Garry Hennessy. Everyone at Mercury Moving is gearing up for the moving season. That will undoubtedly keep us very busy with challenging tasks and late nights. Luckily, I am surrounded by an amazing staff who helped to carry Mercury through Garry’s illness. They are the reason why we have such a great reputation. I am forever grateful for their loyalty, hard-work, and of course great sense of humor. (The latter makes everything a little easier. J)

If two active boys and managing a business weren’t enough, I’ve recently taken on a partnership as co-blogger with Kim Gioioso of The Haute Mamas. In just three short months, it has been a therapeutic and amazing experience. I love to write and am a creative person. I also strongly believe in personal hobbies, as an outlet for stress. Writing for such a fun blog has filled these needs. I am looking forward to a long partnership and sharing stories and learning more about myself along the way.



For me, exercise equals sanity. I used to be a 30 to 40 mile per week runner, but it’s been hard to find the time over the past few years. With the sun hanging around later in the day and warmer weather starting to blow in our direction, I am promising myself to make the time. There’s no better way to clear my head and work through problems than a long run. Besides running, Soul Cycle has helped me burn some calories and do some soul searching. I’ve never taken a more emotional exercise class! They weren’t kidding when they picked the company name!

Fashion? Oh my goodness! I love everything. My fashion sense has always morphed from one day to the next, depending on my mood. As a young girl, I quickly discovered fashion was a fantastic mode for creative expression. And so, as an adult, nothings changed. If I’m feeling frisky, I may wear leather leggings. If I am feeling all business, then clean lines and a neat heel do the trick. As far as trends, despite our all white winter, I am digging the white on white trend. I think white should be a leading color choice anytime the weather starts to cook. I am also obsessed with Valentino’s Rockstud line; I want them all! I better start booking some mega moves if I want to entertain that obsession!



I’m pretty new to Instagram, and I have to say I am fascinated. It’s like a strategy game; picking out the right hashtags to attract the right audience.

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