Christie Melene Kent’s THREE SIMPLE THINGS:

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 Jewelry designer, Christie Melene Kent, shares her Three Simple Things that add a little joy to her day:


Candles- I start every morning lighting one, taking a moment for myself before my mind and surroundings become filled with chaos.  Meditation can be difficult at first, even intimidating.  Lighting a candle is a centering, calming practice.  The best days are those when I’m the first to rise and catch the sunrise simultaneously. 
Green Juice- It makes me especially happy when someone else whips them up or cleans the juicer.  However, I’m willing to wash & chop to get some of the green goodness my body craves.  Nothing beats the blend of jalepeno, lemon, ginger, romaine, cilantro, celery and pear.
Books- Yes, the good old paper ones. There’s no better way to bring closure to your day, no matter what has crossed your path.  Even if time is limited, a short dose of positivity will suffice.  Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein & A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson offer passages anyone can make time for.  Keep them on your bedside table, as a constant reminder.