“It Is Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself” Laura Baldini, Mother Juice

Mother Juice 100% organic, cold-pressed juice & raw vegan snacks

Mother Juice
100% organic, cold-pressed juice & raw vegan foods

We were thrilled when Laura Baldini, Co-founder of Mother Juice agreed to share an update on the success of her new business endeavor, Mother Juice. What makes this update so cool is not only has she achieved such success and praise in such a short amount of time, but also, learning that delving into a life as a business owner could bring her such personal growth and joy really inspired us.  It’s so awesome to see someone rise from a difficult time,  channel all of their energy into creating something so healthy, not only for herself, but for all of us juice lovers.
Thank you Laura for being so open in sharing this experience with us. You are a MsFit that totally rocks!
What a year! 2014 has turned out to be my most favorite year of my life.  It had a very rough start, if you had asked me 8 months ago if I could have envisioned being where I am in my life now I would have said “no way!” I am truly the happiest I have ever been…ever.  My business partner, Ellen Fitzgerald and I hatched the idea to open our first brick and mortar Mother Juice last winter and at that time, it was just a concept. Going through the process and opening our doors, creating our menu and seeing the public reaction to us has been a surreal experience. We do cold pressed organic juices (we have 7 different kinds), smoothies, breakfast bowls (overnight oats & chia seed pudding topped with fruit, sun butter, local jams) and amazing rice and quinoa bowls and salads. My favorites are The “Forbidden Rice Bow” – we toss black rice in a lime & siracach tamari dressing that we make here, and top with green onions, cashews, cilantro and red and yellow peppers, its soooo good!!  I also love our “Raw Pad Thai” –  we spiralize carrots and toss them in our house-made almond lime dressing and top with red peppers, sliced almonds and green onions.  All gluten and dairy free and 99% vegan, (only our gluten free bread that we use for avocado toast isn’t vegan).
Really what we are doing at Mother Juice is making things we would make at home, we come up with new stuff almost every week. We both never feel like we are “at work”, I think its because we both love our shop so much. We are opening our second shop this spring in Boston and putting our food truck back on the streets too. What’s amazing is that neither of us have ever run or opened a restaurant before…we had no clue , just an idea that we executed.
Mother Juice co-founders, Ellen Fitzgerald and Laura Baldini

Mother Juice co-founders, Ellen Fitzgerald and Laura Baldini

What 2014 has taught me is 2 things: The first is it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, the second is, happiness comes from within. I spent a month in California in March working on me, I came back to Boston and all of a sudden my whole world fell into place. It took having my whole life fall apart, like really fall apart, for me to be able to change the way I saw the world and what was important to me and what wasn’t.  And, the strangest revelation for me was, all the things that I thought were going to make me happy turned out to be the opposite from what makes me happy now.  Happiness truly (for me) now isn’t coming from external things: shopping, a guy, losing those last few pounds, money or being at every party/event. Now it’s about being healthy, eating clean, sleep, family, my closest friends and mind, body, spirit. Once my focus changed, everything changed. There is that saying “if nothing changes, nothing changes,” I have learned that to be so true… so I changed everything. Since April, I executive produced an indie movie called “The Dust Storm” with some friends from LA that is hopefully going to Sundance, I started and opened a brand new business and I consult for Limited Brands. I’m at our shop sometimes 13 hours a day and I love it, it just doesn’t feel like work to me. I still do gyrotonics and I have zero toxic people in my life.  We all only have one shot at life and time passes so fast, there is no time to waste being unhappy. The moral of the story: break out of your comfort zone because you have no idea of all the magical things that can happen if you do 🙂 ~ Laura
Cold Pressed Juices

Cold Pressed Juices

Mother Juice now offers more than just juice. We love their unique, healthy and delicious menu. You can grab or have catered their organic smoothies, breakfast bowls, salads, juice cleanses and other raw food snacks:
MJ's raw pad thai. Carrot noddles tossed in an almond lime dressing. topped with red bell pepper, green onions and almonds.

MJ’s Raw Pad Thai-carrot noodles tossed in an almond lime dressing. topped with red bell pepper, green onions and almonds.

Forbidden Rice Bowl black beans topped with red and yellow bell pepper, cashews, green onions,  and cilantro, tossed in a tamari-lime dressing

Forbidden Rice Bowl – black beans topped with red and yellow bell peppers, cashews, green onions and cilantro, tossed in a tamari-lime dressing


Gluten-free Breakfast toast, topped with avocados, baby tomatoes and sea salt

Gluten-free breakfast toast, topped with avocados, baby tomatoes and sea salt



About Mother Juice:

Mother Juice was born out of a love for farmers’ markets and healthy, delicious food. Founded in 2012 with a simple mission and a big dream by Ellen Fitzgerald and Laura Baldini in Boston, Mother Juice started as a food truck and quickly became a welcomed addition to the city’s beloved alternative dining scene. The use of local, seasonal, and organic produce to make fresh juices and smoothies quickly gathered a loyal base of customers and newcomers alike.

In September 2014, we opened our storefront shop at 625 West Kendall Street in Cambridge. The shop reflects the rustic elements of Mother Juice’s commitment to local and organic farmers, but also the tech-forward personality of its Kendall Square neighborhood. Enjoy our cold-pressed, organic juices, smoothies, and raw vegan snacks at both our indoor seating and outdoor seating in the large courtyard.

Our menu continually evolves to feature the most healthful and flavorful ingredients of the day. We offer a nutritious and delicious addition to the city’s healthy, organic and alternative dining community, connecting Bostonians to their neighborhood farmers with every product we make and sell.


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One Mother of a Juice!

If you haven’t jumped on the juice wagon yet, not to fret, because there’s a new Mother in town, and she’s parked her healthy butt right in Kendall Square. Laura Baldini and Ellen Fitzgerald, founders of Mother Juice opened the sinfully organic juice Mecca today after the overwhelming response they received from the juice food truck they operated for over a year.

Now they’re taking over the techies playground with everything from juices to smoothies to salads and even local vegan foods like popcorn and kale chips. My son Maxim and I shared The Berries smoothie (berry delicious indeed) and Jessica and her son Chase shared the Unicorn Blood juice (no unicorns were harmed in the making of the juice)… and we cannot wait to try every single thing on the menu!

Check out the menu here

We love supporting our fellow Ms Fits and all of the scary/wonderful/unknown/long-night/exciting ventures that they embark on… and it truly makes us green with envy…

So proud of Laura and Ellen! Make sure you stop in and say hello… they’re officially OPEN TODAY!

Laura Baldini

Laura Baldini

Mother Juice  Established 2014

Mother Juice Established 2014





The littlest juicer, Maxim

The littlest juicer, Maxim

Ms Fits and Laura

Ms Fits and Laura


Mother Juice

625 West Kendall Street  Cambridge MA