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Over the past several months, Jessica and I have been riding the crazy roller coaster of life. We have both coincidently embarked on life projects that have taken us up and down and through mazes of excitement and valleys of apprehension and back up to elation and stars in our eyes and it’s only the beginning.

Both of our projects are something we have always wanted to do and we just can’t believe how lucky we are that we get to embark on our journeys at the same exact time. For me, I have left my beloved city life and moved with my family to the “burbs.” We bought a house in a storybook neighborhood that I couldn’t be happier with, but the house has not been touched since 1951. As a designer, my creative juices started flowing, my eyes bugged out of my head and my brain has been overdrive since the second I saw this house. And thus, we started a major renovation on my family’s first real house.

To say it’s a full time job is an understatement, to say I’m not a stress ball is a lie, but to say I’m beyond excited as to the final outcome is putting it very lightly! We have moved out (again), and I have been project manager of this mid-century disaster ever since. My time is spent looking for rough-in valves and deciding where to put electrical sockets and ground wires and whether I want a in-line fan or exhaust fan… and somewhere in all of that jibber-jabber I get to envision my Scalamandre wallpaper and gold sconces and the kitchen I’ve always dreamed of. And somewhere in those hours, I’m still a mom and wife and stylist; running around with my kids and dogs and helping my clients and trying to upkeep my social life and keep you guys, our amazing followers, in the loop of what these Ms Fits have been up to.


As for Jessica….

It has been a year of yet again, a lot of change. But as they say when one door closes, another one opens. This has been very true for me these past few months. The studio that I loved, where I began my teaching career, and where I created the Barre program closed and moved earlier this year. This was very hard for me. I loved bringing Barre to this studio so much, and teaching and getting to know so many amazing people… it was my second family. I loved putting together new choreography, new music, finding new ways to challenge my students, so saying farewell was very difficult. But in the midst of this, I discovered a new opportunity to take my fitness career to a new level. A very exciting fitness opportunity, filled with wonderful new challenges, and a whole lot of new things to learn. This new project is what I have been focusing my attention on lately. It is still in the early stages but I am hoping to have more to share in the next few months!

As our journeys continue, we are so excited to fill you guys in on our progress!

We love communicating with you, so please keep sending us your comments and notes or even suggestions on people that you would love to see us write about in our features. Keep em’ coming!

xoxo A&J