Alisa’s Edit – Kid’s Edition – H&M

So what did you ladies think of my TOP 20 picks from H&M?

Since I was doing the “research” anyway, I figured I’d help all of our Ms Fit Mamas out there too. A request I’ve been getting more and more is, “can you help me pick out clothes for my kids?” As a mom of two myself, I know there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for our kids, and there is definitely nothing we wouldn’t do to save ourselves some precious time. I’ve gone shopping for a few of my mini-fashionistas (FFF’s as I call them)  and the smiles I get from both kids and moms are bigger than I could have ever imagined. The mini divas who “hate everything you pick out” have an inexplicable liking to the pieces only “my stylist picked out,” making dressing an achievement worthy of a gold medal. And for the moms, I become their Knight in sequined armor galloping around town, doing all the leg-work and saving them from the tragedy that can be shopping with kids.

Maybe these 20 picks will make it onto your shopping list…




Happy shopping MsFits! Would love to see pics of your little ones in any of these pieces… don’t forget to hashtag #msfitforsociety!

Alisa’s Edit – H&M

As a stylist, the question I get asked most frequently is, “where did you get that?” or “who makes that?” and my response is always one that they never expect.

-“Who makes that?”

-Ummm…. H&M…”

-“Really??? Looks like you paid a fortune for it!”

Before the term “recessionista” came to be, my title was “treasure hunter” and my greatest thrill in life was finding pieces that looked like they cost more than the whole of Vogue’s sample closet but in fact made my bank account smile bill to bill.

Scouring endless pages of my favorite shopping sites is my job, finding “treasures” among the thousands of choices is my specialty, so I thought, why not bring my favorite Ms Fits my picks from some of today’s most fashion forward sites. From fun sweaters to sophisticated dresses for the upcoming holiday season, I guarantee you’ll get the compliments you’ve always wanted without spending the money you’ve always wanted to save. Enjoy!

We’d love to see you in some of these looks! Take a photo of youself in your new duds and tag #msfitforsociety for all to see!

And, for all the mamas out there, stay tuned for my kid’s picks from H&M!



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