A Peek Into Spring Fashion

With spring right around the corner, we cannot wait to see what has finally sprung. And to get a preview of what our favorite designer, Daniela Corte has been busy creating all winter, we ran up to her studio last night for her Spring/Summer launch party. And, boom! Color, color, everywhere!


With the help of Daniela’s good friend and interior designer Elizabeth Georgantas, they turned Daniela’s studio into a Palm Beach paradise. A delicious vignette of pinks and greens, palm leaves, the delightfully set gold bar cart with matching confections, it was perfection!




Interior Designer, Elizabeth Georgantas; Designer, Daniela Corte; and Revolution Juice founder, Heather Costa, all in Corte’s designs

We were met by the cutest three blondes in town boppin’ around the studio being dressed by Daniela and her studio manager and right hand woman, Kerri Walsh. TV personality and Champy founder, Jenny Johnson and her Pantene perfect hair (she curled it herself) were bouncing around, trying on one boldly colorful dress after the other. And cute-as-could-be style blogger twin sisters, Ashley and Katie Hess both hands full with Daniela’s creations.


The Party of Two bloggers, Katie and Ashley Hess with Champy founder Jenny Johnson



How gorgeous is this dress?

We had only arrived in the evening, but the studio was a buzz all day long with style seekers who couldn’t wait to see the new collection. To get everyone’s juices flowing (pun intended), Daniela’s good friend and founder of Revolution Juice, Heather Costa brought her organic yumminess for all to enjoy.


Daniela Corte with Jenny Johnson in all Daniela Corte designs

And in the evening hours, our favorite bubbly was there to greet us. Pop open that Champy and cheers to Daniela’s newest collection that you guys have to go see for yourselves!


Beautiful Kerri Walsh

Happy spring Ms Fits!


Daniela Corte @danielacorte

PEG Property & Designs @pegpropertiesdesign

Revolution Juice @revolutionjuice

Champy @drinkchampy

The Party of Two @thepartyoftwo

All photos from event by the talented Lisa Richov @lisarichov 


Check out our favorite looks from the S/S 2016 Look Book….









New Ms Fit Feature: India Hicks

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

India Hicks, Designer and Founder

Every time I think of India Hicks, I think of that Elsie De Wolfe quote, the one that you may have run across once or twice on Instagram that says, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life.” That is exactly what India Hicks, her fragrances, gifts, accessories, style, and most importantly herself represents… so much beauty.  It is not always easy to express concepts like, the essence of relaxed yet luxurious island style, through digital images or social media,  but a quick browse around the India Hicks website and peek into any of her videos and you’ll see that is exactly what she has succeeded in doing.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet India twice! And yes, she is so stunning and stylish, has so many fascinating and worldly, and of course Royal stories (having been a bridesmaid of Princess Diana) that she explains are so much a part of the inspiration behind her lifestyle brand and the design of her products which includes jewelry, bags, accessories, and beauty products (we can’t wait for you to check them out!).  India is also so down-to-earth cool and hysterically funny. Both times, she had rooms full of people thoroughly enjoying themselves and laughing. India is also very accessible and caring. It is therefore no surprise that she is growing her successful direct sales business through building relationships with 600 style ambassadors. She also gives back in many ways, one way is creating a special series which shares inspirational stories about people leading impactful lives called, Extraordinary Lives. I am still pinching myself that India has included me and my experience recovering from a stroke on her list!

We are so grateful to India for taking a moment during this busy time of year to share with us, and become our newest Ms Fit!

India's last trip this Fall to Boston with Designer Daniela Corte

In Boston this fall with designer, Daniela Corte.                                                                              (image from Boston Common Magazine)



Being in partnership with 600 extraordinary women who have joined hands with me in an exciting opportunity, together we are building a direct sales business with a fresh and modern take.


Yoga pants, terrible isn’t it? The men in our lives are appalled; they want us to dress like Grace Kelly and we wear yoga pants. However, I am not into yoga, took a one-on-one the other day to remind myself how much this is not for me. I’m a runner, I need to be pounding that pavement or pink sand.



Where to begin, we can offer stocking stuffers from $20 to a serious $420 bag with lots of attitude!



Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Tokens.

Agra Tassel, Leather Key Fob with Indi Pendant Rockstar Token.



The Carmen Clutch







The Beetle Bag

The Beetle Bag





Mince Pies…..hot and homemade, but not by me.



One way we want to keep inspiring people is through our online videos.


India Hicks On Facebook

India Hicks on Instragram:

India Hicks on Twitter:




The Faces of Fashion with the Good Ones

Last night, Jessica and I had the privilege of joining a truly celebrated crew of people who were chosen as the Good One’s Fashion, Business and Marketing Icons. The ladies of the Good Ones, featured Jessica and myself as their Faces of Fashion and we were over the moon about it!

The event was a huge success where everyone was required to wear black, white or red, which was a really fun theme for a really fun collection of talented, smart, creative and philanthropic people. Jessica and I really admire the girls of the Good Ones, Carolyn Kim and Jennifer Brooke who founded this company in 2012 as a way of connecting people of varying professions and interests through hosting one of a kind events throughout Boston. What an amazing and truly dying art of connecting people, in person, to share ideas and talents and perhaps even making a new friend all the while!

The gals of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke, Carolyn Kim and the Ms Fits

The gals of the Good Ones, Jennifer Brooke, Carolyn Kim and the Ms Fits


Here are just a few of the featured people that we had the privilege of getting to know… and a little bit about Jessica and myself if you aren’t already familiar…


Lauren Creedon

Lauren Creedon, Director of Partnerships at Fancred

Lauren builds partnerships between large brands and startup innovators. As Director of Partnerships at Fancred, the first live streaming app for sports fans, Lauren works with professional sports teams, leagues, and influencers who are leading digital media strategies. Fancred was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies. Lauren believes that innovative media businesses are built on strong partnerships and engaged communities. She is fascinated by the sports world and the opportunity that still exists to engage passionate fans. She is also a trained studio artist, obsessed with street & contemporary art. Find her at live music events and traveling to new cities as often as she can.



Lori Kyle Christensen, fashionista and entertainment reporter

Lori Kyle Christensen, fashionista and entertainment reporter

Lori is the creator and designer of Boston-based couture clothing label Venni Caprice Clothing, and the co-owner of the lifestyle brand Zero Fox Life with Kayla Harrity

She is an entertainment reporter for Dirty Water TV, a show that airs on NESN in New England. Lori also sings and plays a mean tambourine in the band Dick, Nick & Chick Justice at Venus around Boston.


Cort Davis, Mentor

Cort Davis, Mentor

Cort gives his time to mentor early stage companies out of Northeastern’s IDEA program as well as Mass Challenge. He is also a guest lecturer at Northeastern for senior entrepreneurial capstone students. This helps him keep a pulse on the industry while constantly learning new, inexpensive growth hacks to help early stage companies with little-tono funding.


Jessica Diaz, Co-Founder Ms Fit For Society

Jessica Diaz, (left) Co-Founder Ms Fit For Society


Jessica is a mom of two, Barre instructor, co-founder of Ms Fit For Society, and spokesperson for The American Stroke and Heart Association. Jessica is teaching Barre at Equinox and at Asana in Charlestown. Jessica is also in the process of becoming a Health Coach to better help her clients with nutrition, to offer a more rounded wellness approach to being healthy. Her role with the Stroke Association encourages her to help educate people of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica fell in love with the Barre twice in her life. Once in 2004, when she was first introduced to it while living in San Francisco, and again after having her second baby. What she loved most is that Barre class is toning, effective, and fun. She loved how much personal attention she received, while still enjoying a group exercising setting.

She was amazed at how just a few hours of Barre class a week had completely changed her body. Not only physically, but also giving her so much more energy. As a new mom, she needed that energy and she also loved that the hour class was a full body workout and helped her get back into her pre-baby shape. Jessica loved that the Barre classes allowed people to work at their own pace, using their own resistance and be challenging, yet safe enough for any fitness level.

After eight years of taking Barre classes, She knew that Barre would always be a part of her life and decided to begin teaching. Jessica became BarSculpt licensed in 2012. “ As a Barre teacher, I hope to bring the fun, challenge, and change, that this class has brought into my life”.


Alisa Kapinos, Co-founder, Ms Fit For Society

Alisa Kapinos, Co-founder, Ms Fit For Society

Alisa has been lucky enough to spend the last 10 years of her life working as a wardrobe stylist first on editorial shoots for magazines and commercials, meeting world renowned models and photographers, and then turning her focus on personal styling where she has witnessed some unbelievable closets, the good, the bad and the over-the-top. Since having her two sons, Alisa has also begun styling kids. As a mom, she realized how much moms really do invest in their kid’s clothes for fun, for sport, or whatever their daughters are telling them is trending that week, and how little time moms have to run a household, keep up a social calendar, take care of the kids, never mind have the time to keep up with their fashion demands. Alisa is also the co-founder of her two year old fitness/fashion blog Ms Fit for Society, a blog on everything fitness and fashion with a twist on everything else that’s keeping the Ms Fit’s lives on the go. “I think the goal in life is to be happy, and if I can focus my energy on the things that make me insanely happy, then I know I’ll be a better mom, wife and friend, all with a big smile on my face.”


Kornielia Kis, Consultant

Kornielia Kis, Consultant

Born in a small town in the heart of Hungary during the Communist Era, Koni Kis barely imagined that she would pursue an international career with one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, The Boston Consulting Group. Holding a Masters in Economic Sciences and an Executive MBA in Leadership, Koni studied and worked the last 15 years in Germany, Austria, India and Hungary, acquiring international experience and solving complex corporate challenges for clients and BCG. She moved to Boston in 2014 and is leading the firm’s global marketing analytics team. She enjoys working with cutting edge technologies and exploring beyond the obvious with the solutions her team provides for the company.


Ruta Laukien, founder of Liquid Art House

Ruta Laukien, Founder of Liquid Art House

What began as a planned summer trip to visit relatives in the United States would become a serenditipitous start to Ruta’s American dream. At age 17, the Lithuanian native would seek temporary asylum to pursue an education, as the Russian army invaded her homeland. The meandering journey, from Worcester to Jacksonville to New York City, would ultimately see a J.D./M.B.A. from Duke University – a detour that led to a flourishing career as an Investment Banker on Wall Street.

Today, the mother of two and Back Bay resident is the trailblazing founder of Liquid Art House, the first gallery/restaurant hybrid to hit the hub. Her vision for “LAH,” which began back in law school as a Lithuanian-style Tea House, would sit with her for fifteen years. After the implosion of employer Bear Stearns, her idea regained steam until crystalling into an “art hospitality” restaurant concept. A lover of food, art, wine and travel, Laukien decided to combine all her passions under one roof. The 2011 Mass Challenge alum (her idea made it to 2nd round) would eventually bootstrap her startup, which opened in May 2014, in the landmark building, The Arlington.


Kristin Steiberg relationship expert

Kristin Steinberg, Relationship Expert

Kristine is a relationship expert focused on advancing and transforming corporate and entertainment work environments. Through cutting edge systems, coaching techniques and deep business experience, Kristine creates forums that illuminate her clients’ goals, ignites their potential, helps them face fears and moves them to action. Her passion is increasing cohesion, health and positivity in the workplace. Kristine has worked with leaders and teams in organizations such at Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, TED, Harvard University, DreamWorks, Microsoft, Chanel, Edelman Public Relations, Heineken and The Home Depot.



Ryan Wittag, Philanthopist

Ryan Wittag, Philanthopist

Ryan is currently on a quest to sell 100 pies before Thanksgiving on behalf of Community Servings, an organization which delivers delicious, medically catered meals to individuals who are home-bound with an acute, life-threatening illness. Community Servings has achieved the highest designation (4 stars) from Charity Navigator. Each pie sold allows CS to deliver one week of meals to a client.


For more information about how to connect with the Good Ones, check out their Facebook page, the Good Ones. A huge thank you for including us in your fun Carolyn and Jennifer!


New Ms Fit Feature: Gretta Monahan

If there’s one girl that we’re totally crushing on, it has got to be Gretta Monahan. A successful entrepreneur, style expert, mom, author and just all around coolest chick you’ll ever meet, Gretta embodies everything that we MsFits can’t get enough of.

What started as one hair salon on the outskirts of Boston many years ago, bloomed into Gretta Enterprises which includes boutiques (one of our all-time faves, GrettaLuxe), spas and salons (where I get the best color by Laurie, Grettacole), media ventures, and her book, Style and the Successful Girl (which every girl should have glued to her nightstand). She is also a beauty and fashion contributor on the Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America, has an amazing blog which you guys should definitely follow, Grettastyle and if that’s not impressive enough, Thursday nights, grab your popcorn and check out Gretta and her co-host, the fabulous stylist, Robert Verdi on TLC’s Brides Gone Styled (Thursdays at 9:30pm).

As a mom to her 5 year old son, wife, style maven, local girl, friend to the stars and friend to Ms Fit for Society, we are beyond thrilled that Gretta took some time for us to be our newest feature! If you ever are lucky enough to meet Gretta, let me tell you, her smile will warm up your day and her enthusiasm about whatever it is you’re talking about will inspire you. It is women like Gretta that make us believe that there are amazing women out there that keep empowering one another, pushing us over hurdles, believing in ourselves and our businesses and we couldn’t be more proud to call Gretta our newest Ms Fit!




The last couple of months I’ve been busy doing appearances and make-overs and promoting my new show, Brides Gone Styled! My co-host, Robert Verdi and I are giving guidance and style advice to unconventional brides as they find the perfect dress. It will air all summer long on TLC. When I’m not in New York taping my new show, I’ve been splitting my time between Wellesley and Boston since we’re in the midst of (a major) renovation of my salon, Grettacole in Wellesley. I’m so excited to unveil the amazing transformation later this summer!

Greta with Robert Verdi

Gretta with Robert Verdi on the set of Brides Gone Styled



I live steps from Central Park so I like to walk and run with my son at the Jaclyn Onassis Reservoir when the weather is just right. Since my businesses are in Wellesley and Boston, I’ve worked with Future Shapes trainers, Deedee and Jill – I’ve trusted them for over 20 years. I love going to Soul Cycle classes in New York, Chestnut Hill, and Bridgehampton. It’s easy, fast, and in every city that I’m in! When I can’t get to a class I count on Brook Burke’s Booty Burn when I’m traveling and I’m living in the new fitness fashion line, Caelum Lifestyle.

Gretta Luxe Team featured ride at Soul Cycle

Gretta Luxe Team featured ride at Soul Cycle


You can find Gretta everything on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, @grettamonahan and make sure to stop and shop at her beyond impeccable shop, Gretta Luxe in Wellesley and say hello!

New Ms Fit Feature: DANIELA CORTE

We have been wanting to do this feature on the talented, stylish and gorgeous, Daniela Corte for almost as long as MsFit has been around. We are so thrilled that day has come, especially now that DC is including fitness pieces in her expansive collection. You know we love everything and anything that ties fashion and fitness together, and Daniela is a MsFit through and through!

We had a MsFit “dress-up” day at DC Studio last week and jaws dropped, eyes bugging out, loved seeing the collection made of brightly colored maxi dresses, painted print skirt and top separates and even bathing suits, just to name a few… and you may even recognize some of her pieces which were recently featured in Sports Illustrated and modeled by Gigi Hadad! Her pieces are unique, beautiful, and made with such great fabrics and cuts, she has an item for every occasion! We both were wowed by how her collections included so many different types of pieces that truly anyone can wear at any time and at any age. Not only is Daniela a fashion expert, she is so warm and kind, has such contagious energy, and just so fun to be around. She even managed to make trying on bikinis a lot of fun! We obviously wanted to take the whole collection (and Daniela) home with us but we chose a few beautiful gems that we can’t wait to rock this summer!

We can’t wait to see what she’ll create next. Thank you Daniella so much for sharing with us!

xo A&J

Daniela Corte, I’m president, design director, creative director, founder, and chief bottle washer of Daniela Corte.

Daniela Corte, I’m president, design director, creative director, founder, and chief bottle washer of Daniela Corte.



Life!!! Everything!!! My kids definitely keep me on my toes. But my husband, my family and my friends are also a huge priority! And every other free minute is spent on my business! The second I finish designing one collection, it’s time for the next one, but I love it!!! Play hard, work hard 🙂



Fitness is my therapy. I love my trainer and friend Ildiko Varhelyi, she comes to my house and is the best way to jump start the morning as well as running on the Esplanande at the crack of dawn with my best friend! My latest fitness addiction is Anna Kaiser! She makes me want to dance! I just tried her treadmill workout. That was different and fun.

Daniela Corte with celebrity trainer and founder of AKT in Motion, Anna Kaiser.

Daniela Corte with celebrity trainer and founder of AKT inMotion, Anna Kaiser. Both in Daniela’s new fitness line.

Fashion is my passion. Even though, I, along with the whole city of Boston waited so long for summer, I’m now laser focused on fall and for the launch of my new fall collection. I’ll be pleasantly distracted from all these fall thoughts by my swim photoshoot in the next week.

Daniella Corte Swim, Scuba top and shorts

Daniela Corte Swim, Scuba top and shorts

The fashion item I love this week is my new denim rocker jacket. It is unlined and a prefect layering piece!

Daniela Corte Denim Rocker Jacket

Daniela Corte Denim Rocker Jacket


Gosh, it’s a long story!! I started in 2000, in a tiny upper flow studio far down Newbury Street. At that time, it was all custom clothing made right there in the store. As time went on, we kept moving to bigger and bigger studios, growing the business one season at a time. Now we have a floor at 211 Newbury Street and although we still make some of the clothes in our Newbury Street operation, most of our production is manufactured in NY, LA, and Argentina. And although we still do some custom work for our VIP customers, the business is mostly our ready-to-wear clothes, and most of the sales are done by various small boutiques all over the globe.

My favorite summer pieces are my jumpsuit, maxi dresses and silk and cotton scarves.


Daniela Corte Magestic Maxi

Daniela Corte Magestic Maxi


I’m getting a lot of love for it!! It’s crazy to sacrifice being sexy for being fit. And with our new fitness line you don’t have to.

Daniella Corte Fitness

Daniela Corte Fitness Line


My Website: danielacorte.com, my studio (617-262-2100), my instagram and twitter feed: danielacorte
and in specialty boutiques around the world!!


Daniella Corte's paint splattered jean. These are custimazable and you can also bring in your own jeans to get the DC treatment.

Daniela Corte’s  custom paint splattered jean.


Jessica’s Studio Style & Music for Barre and Boxing:

No matter where I’m going to workout, I’m somehow always layered. I love layering! I always have an easy-to-throw-on sweatshirt or tee over a workout tank, even in the summer. I also love layering because I usually have somewhere to be right after class and this allows for quick transitions between workout to day or evening wear.

Here is what I am wearing and listening to right now during my two favorite workouts:




1. The Modern Classic from Gwenyth~ I have one in every color! It is the perfect top to wear to Barre and really everywhere. I love the ballet style and adjustable fit. I love how I can tie the sides up while I am teaching and then pull the sides down post class and pair with a sweater or cardigan to meet friends for coffee or run errands. It’s effortless!

Gwenyth's Modern Classic in Ballet Pink

Gwenyth’s Modern Classic in ballet pink

2. Firedaughter Clothing’s off-the-shoulder Big Huge Heart Sweatshirt~ Anything off-the-shoulder is my favorite and Firedaughter has definitely perfected the off-the-shoulder look.  I have a collection of these types of inspirational tees and sweatshirts… and this is the perfect layer!


Firedaughter's Big Huge Heart off the wide shoulder sweathshirt.

Firedaughter’s Big Huge Heart off-the-shoulder sweatshirt


3. The perfect leggings~ For Barre, I’m usually wearing either the Splits Tendu grip tights or the Nova Capri legging from Splits59. I love the Tendu grip tights because of the grips on the bottom of the feet that work perfectly for helping hold that stretch at the Barre which means you don’t have to wear Barre socks. I also love the Nova Capri because they have the best fit of any legging I own.


Splits59 Nova Classic Capri

Splits59 Nova Capri


Splits59 Tendu Grip Tights

Splits59 Tendu Grip Tights


4. Nike Wedge sneakers~ I am so thankful for the wedge sneaker! I am obsessed! It is the perfect fit-fashion invention. Throw these on with your workout outfit and immediately you can carry your workout look through the rest of the day. I always feel like I look better with a little height and they’re perfect to wear to a Barre workout because you actually do the workout in socks or barefoot.

Nike Dunk Sky High Sneaker.

Nike Dunk Sky High Sneaker.

5. Take your Barre look to dinner with Daniela Corte’s off the shoulder Ballet Top. As I said, I love everything off the shoulder. I just bought this top. I can throw it on with my workout leggings and I’m all ready for post Barre class fun.

Daniela Corte Ballet top

Daniela Corte Ballet top


1. My prize possession. These were a limited edition item from Alexander Wang‘s Objects collection two years ago. They are 12 ounces of pure leather perfection!

Alexander Wang boxing gloves.

Alexander Wang boxing gloves.


2. The “Edgy” Legging~ I love these Daniela Corte Tracy Capri leggings in Python. They are the perfect legging for looking cool while you’re kicking butt.

The Daniela Corte Tracy Capri

The Daniela Corte Tracy Capri


3. The Ashby Tank and Loren Bra~ If you know me, you know there is a 75% chance I’m wearing at least one item that’s Splits59 at all times. And for kickboxing, it’s often the Ashby tank. It fits perfectly and I find that in workouts where I am sweating more like boxing or spin, the Ashby doesn’t get uncomfortable.


Splits59 Ashby Tank

Splits59 Ashby Tank



Splits59 Loren Seamless Bra-Painted

Splits59 Loren Seamless Bra-Painted

4. Crane & Lion’s long sleeve tee. I love the fit of this and the tee has great ruching in the back for an even slimmer fit.


Crane&Lion Longsleeve Tee

Crane&Lion Longsleeve Tee

5. Divert Jacket by Koral Activewear~ Perfect to complete the look and easy to throw on over everything.


Divert Love Sleeve Hooded Jacket

Divert Love Sleeve Hooded Jacket


6. Liteweight sneakers~ For kickboxing, I like a very lightweight sneaker such as these Nike Free TR Breathe.


Nike Free Sneaker

Nike Free Sneaker


Nothing motivates me like great music. Here’s my latest playlist for music I’m playing in my Barre classes and listening to while I workout on Spotify.


Spring Fashion Fit Pieces We Love

Gone are the days of limited options to choose from when getting ready to hit the gym. Today there are many great choices in workout lines that span from the traditional sports stores like Nike and Reebok, all the way to top designers like Chanel. Workout wear has really blazed its own space in the fashion industry in the past two years, even coining its own sub-categories like barrewear, FitFashion, Sports Couture, Luxletic and Athlesire, just to name a few. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Jillian Michaels, Rhianna, Brooke Burke and Rita Ora have also either created their own lines or aligned  themselves with activewear brands.

Even though it doesn’t quite feel like spring in New England, just yet, here are few fashionable-fit pieces to help motivate you on your final sprint to bikini season:

The Upside Yoga Pant in Charcoal

The Upside Yoga Pant in Charcoal



Monreal Mesh Tank

Monreal Mesh Tank at Carbon38


Michi Stardust Crop Pant

Michi Stardust Crop Pant


Lulu Lemon Light Speed Vest

Lulu Lemon Light Speed Vest





Crane&Lion Long Sleeve Tee

Crane&Lion Long Sleeve Tee



Out Incorporated TEASE in Courage light grey

Out Incorporated TEASE in Courage light grey




Out Incorporated Gold Sports Bra

Out Incorporated Gold Sports Bra


Lucas Hugh Leadlightpring Legging at ID X DEKA

Lucas Hugh Leadlight print Legging at ID X DEKA


Varley Python Crop Top

Varley Python Crop Top


Gwenyth Modern Classic in Ballet Pink

Gwenyth Modern Classic in Ballet Pink


Victoria Secret Knockout Capri

Victoria Secret Knockout Capri


The Upside Cropped Hoodie

The Upside Cropped Hoodie




New Ms Fit Feature: Tonya Mezrich

Tonya Mezrich, CEO of Mike&Ton, Principal Fashion Expert and Style Correspondent for StyleBoston, & Principal Brand Ambassador and Executive Advisor for Dunwello.com.


Tonya in the gown she wore to the Oscars for Social Network. This stunning gown by Michael Depalo.

Tonya in the gown she wore to the Oscars for Social Network. This stunning gown by             Michael De Paulo.


What is keeping you busy these days?

Recently I am extremely busy launching the Maven Campaign for Dunwello.com. I was brought into Dunwello on the heels of the tech startup getting funding from Twitter execs as announced in Bostinno.com.

A little background about Dunwello: Dunwello is a young, hip tech startup with powerhouse “it boys” Matt squared (Lauzon and Brand) at the helm. I was beyond thrilled to come on board with Dunwello, and revved up to spearhead the Maven Campaign. After having partnered up for several Mike&Ton fashion shows with Gemvara (the online jewelry company started by Lauzon in his dormroom at Babson), I knew Matt Lauzon was someone to keep my eye on. The idea of individuals being able to brand and market themselves online is a natural progression from Yelp and Angie’s list, and Dunwello has the slick, easy way for pros to accomplish this, with none of the hassle or negative energy. When you go to some of the current reviewer sites, you are looking at businesses, not individuals, but the real information you are digging for is the name of the actual pros. Matt and Matt came up with the idea to quantify this on a user friendly platform where SEO for Dunwello profiles is easily bumped up. When Lauzon asked me to join the team, it was a no brainer–I was honored to be a part of this ground breaking company. I’m very thrilled about my role as Principal Brand Ambassador, because I get to hang out with my friends and tell them about the cool things we are doing at Dunwello. I am in charge of making sure we have highly respected Bostonians contributing reviews of the best professionals in Boston—aka The Maven Campaign. When asked to explain what a Maven is, you could best describe it as the same as the “verified check mark” prominent individuals get with Twitter. Becoming Maven #1 was supremely cool for me. I am looking forward to adding a top roster of Mavens to join me in helping promote and give a shout out to their “team” of pros who make life easier and better for them. I personally always want to tell people about how great my hairdresser, Violet Furxhi is. Or how Tavi Delarosa or Nelse Kairini  create beautiful makeup on me or my models for mike&ton. So naturally it is a great feeling to be able to help local individuals brand and market themselves. Most individuals don’t have the time or budget to hire or do their own PR. This functions as a way of getting the word out about what you do best.


Tonya Mezrich and Michael Depalo of Mike&Ton at the City Lights themed Gemvara Fashion Show.

Tonya Mezrich and Michael De Paulo  of mike&ton at the City Lights themed Gemvara Fashion Show.


 What are you loving in fitness and fashion right now?

I’m loving Flywheel. It is quick and a great workout. In 45 minutes I can burn 400 calories. I know it’s only one cookie, but the amount of sweating you are doing, you really feel great when you leave the studio.

For fashion, I am digging digging in my own closet! I have found that re-purposing different outfits in different ways has been very satisfying, and my wallet also appreciates it! For example, I have been “all seasoning” some of my dresses. Adding leather leggings under a spring or fall dress, instantly turns it into a winter safe outfit. It also makes them a bit more edgy, and I finish the look by pulling the leggings over my pumps. I also love little socks with pumps. It’s another way of carrying shoes that wouldn’t necessarily be worn in the winter into winter. I found these cute foot panties at Daniela Corte Boutique, and have gotten many compliments on them. I also like little fishnet ankle socks from American Apparel. I can wear them with pumps and it gives the pumps a “bootie” look.

Tonya's ankle socks paired with pumps to create “faux booties”. Also pictured, my business partner, Michael DePaulo. This was shot for a photo spread in the Herald debuting the mike&ton partnership with Rumba at The Intercontinental Hotel. Under the mike&ton label, we designed the uniforms of the servers and bartenders.

Tonya’s ankle socks paired with pumps to create “faux booties.” Also pictured, business partner, Michael DePaulo. This was shot for a photo spread in the Boston Herald debuting the mike&ton partnership with Rumba at The Intercontinental Hotel. Under the mike&ton label, we designed the uniforms of the servers and bartenders.


 How do we keep in touch and learn more about you? 





We asked Tonya to share how she got started in the world of fashion:

I have always had a love for fashion. Even at a young age, to my mother’s chagrin, I remember insisting on wearing a certain pink dress every single day. I think my daughter has a little of that in her. At 2.5 she’s already insisting on choosing an outfit on her own every morning, even if that means wearing Toms shoes in the dead of winter.



My fashion profile grew shortly after Ben and I were married. I got named one of Boston Globe’s Top 25 Most Stylish People by Carol Beggy. I think I was actually #4 right after Tom Brady. It was from this moment on, that my love for fashion really began to blossom and turn into something entirely cool, on it’s own path. I could no longer leave the house looking like a slob, wearing lululemon sweats and not brushing my hair. (which in my husband’s opinion, was not such a bad thing—I think he was growing tired of my “comfy attire.”)

It was about this time that I met my close friend, Michael DePaulo. He was, at the time, designing couture gowns and wanted to get further exposure for them. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and hit it off immediately. I wore his creations to the Sony Columbia Pictures “21” red carpet premiere, and began to regularly wear his fashions to many of the national and local events we attended


The Movie 21 Premier, Dana Brunetti, Ben Mezrich, Tonya Mezrich, Jim Sturgess, Jeff Ma

The Movie 21 Premier, Dana Brunetti, Ben Mezrich, Tonya Mezrich, Jim Sturgess, Jeff Ma

Soon thereafter, we decided to open mike&ton. We started with a full collection which consisted of dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and pants. Into our fourth collection, we decided to pare down to our signature pencil skirt—The Travel Skirt—so named because it is made with a luggage zipper and is perfect for the jetsetting mike&ton woman.


mikeandton's Travel Skirt

mike&ton’s Travel Skirt

Along my path, I helped launch the TV show StyleBoston, a half hour lifestyle TV show. I served as host of the show and developed and produced my own segment titled Fashion Forward.

Shortly thereafter I was tapped by NECN’s The Morning Show to produce and star in my own TV segment, Tagged By Tonya, a weekly style and fashion segment that educated New England viewers on anything from how to tie a summer scarf to what were the most effective and fashionable winter parkas for the slopes. I now remain the go-to Fashion Expert for NECN.

Recently I have returned to StyleBoston and have taken on the role of Principal Fashion Expert and Style Correspondent. With my fashion expertise and contact with the fashion community it was a natural role for me to fill. I am looking forward to covering events, giving backstage peeks at fashion shows, and teaching my audience about anything and everything in the fashion/style arena as I myself learn more and more about the ever evolving world of fashion.


Alisa’s Edit – Kid’s Edition – H&M

So what did you ladies think of my TOP 20 picks from H&M?

Since I was doing the “research” anyway, I figured I’d help all of our Ms Fit Mamas out there too. A request I’ve been getting more and more is, “can you help me pick out clothes for my kids?” As a mom of two myself, I know there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for our kids, and there is definitely nothing we wouldn’t do to save ourselves some precious time. I’ve gone shopping for a few of my mini-fashionistas (FFF’s as I call them)  and the smiles I get from both kids and moms are bigger than I could have ever imagined. The mini divas who “hate everything you pick out” have an inexplicable liking to the pieces only “my stylist picked out,” making dressing an achievement worthy of a gold medal. And for the moms, I become their Knight in sequined armor galloping around town, doing all the leg-work and saving them from the tragedy that can be shopping with kids.

Maybe these 20 picks will make it onto your shopping list…




Happy shopping MsFits! Would love to see pics of your little ones in any of these pieces… don’t forget to hashtag #msfitforsociety!

Alisa’s Edit – H&M

As a stylist, the question I get asked most frequently is, “where did you get that?” or “who makes that?” and my response is always one that they never expect.

-“Who makes that?”

-Ummm…. H&M…”

-“Really??? Looks like you paid a fortune for it!”

Before the term “recessionista” came to be, my title was “treasure hunter” and my greatest thrill in life was finding pieces that looked like they cost more than the whole of Vogue’s sample closet but in fact made my bank account smile bill to bill.

Scouring endless pages of my favorite shopping sites is my job, finding “treasures” among the thousands of choices is my specialty, so I thought, why not bring my favorite Ms Fits my picks from some of today’s most fashion forward sites. From fun sweaters to sophisticated dresses for the upcoming holiday season, I guarantee you’ll get the compliments you’ve always wanted without spending the money you’ve always wanted to save. Enjoy!

We’d love to see you in some of these looks! Take a photo of youself in your new duds and tag #msfitforsociety for all to see!

And, for all the mamas out there, stay tuned for my kid’s picks from H&M!



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