My New “Plan” to Venture into the world of Nutrition:

Video Interview from Wellness Health Summit

Video Interview from Wellness Health Summit

I am so excited to be sharing this update on the start of my new venture in Nutrition! In the video clip above, I talk about the experience I’ve had with “dieting’ and food. I also share my awful beginnings with  my start to dieting over 20 years ago, and what many years of experimenting with foods after that has taught me.
This clip is from an interview I did that aired this past September and it was a part of a global Wellness Summit. In the video I say “ I don’t have a nutrition certification”.. and little did I know at that moment that was about to change. Just weeks after this summit, I would not only meet New York times best selling author, Lynn-Genet Recitas, of the book, The Plan, that I was talking about in this video, but I would also begin to train under her to become a Health Coach (I am still amazed this really happened). Learning from Lyn-Genet and incorporating an anti-inflammatory health plan in my life has been so life changing for me and the weight-loss has become just the “icing on the cake .  (Little disclaimer: I was just learning about The Plan when I filmed this video. I happy to say I can explain in better now)
This past June, my weight had crept back up. My weight was up almost 15 pounds. Like many I thought, yes, I know this happens to people, especially as they get older. And it wasn’t like It was just overnight I realized I had gained 15 pounds, I was aware of it each month. And believe me I did try to stop it. The very frustrating part was that I was eating as “healthy” as I always had (in fact I went back to the exact meal plans I had used to lose my post baby weight 5 years ago). I was creating an using my old menus based on healthy real foods. I also bumped up the frequency and intensity of my workouts…A LOT.. and I was still gaining. The scale was not budging down. After 6-8 months of this, I was coming to the conclusion, that being 10-15 pounds heavier was just my new reality …or I had a thyroid problem. I then got my thyroid checked, the results showed my thyroid function was normal (though later I learned from The Plan I did have a sluggish thryoid). So I though OK I guess this is just my new reality.
I didn’t know how much healthier I could eat, or how much more I could work out. And then… thankfully.. I was introduced to the book The Plan, and that all changed. What I learned from The Plan is the some of the healthy foods I was eating and that crazy intense workouts I was doing,was in fact the reasons I was gaining and not able to lose weight. My Body chemistry had changed and what worked 5-6 years ago was not going to work for me now.
The Plan is based on a complete individualized program for helping learn what foods and workouts work with your body. Today, I am 15 pounds lighter, I have reduced my percentage of body fat, my thyroid is functioning better, I have never slept better, I have way more time in my life because I am spending half as much time working out, I feel better, and I have had only one migraine headache since September (normal for me was 1-3 a week). There is no calorie counting, I am eating more than I was before The Plan, and wine, cheese, and chocolate are pretty much part of my every day!
My teaching Barre and fitness will not change. I am just thrilled that I can add health coaching into the mix in order to offer my clients a more well-rounded approach to helping them meet their fitness, health, and wellness goals. I have also been working with Lyn-Genet Recitas on creating workouts and a new class style that focuses on effective exercises that are not too over-taxing on the body and support weight-loss!
Over the next few weeks I will be sharing tons more about becoming a health coach, when I will start taking on clients, and the new class. Also, stay tuned tomorrow, Lyn-Genet is going to share more about The Plan, as well as some great Plan recipes for Thanksgiving!

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